CIS53008 Management of Information Technology Services

CIS53008 Management of Information Technology Services

CIS53008 Management of Information Technology Services

Report 1 specifications

The word limit for this assessment task is 1300 to 1700 words. The total value of this assessment is 10% and 100 marks are assigned.

Reference is needed and the Harvard AGPS style must be used

Learning objectives

1. Incorporate the basics of business procedure management with service management in reference to the value IT can deliver to the enterprise.

2. Analysis current research on IT governance and service management and classify the requirement for organizations to ensure that effective procedures are in place to manage the important investment in IT infrastructure and services.

3. Synthesize the nature and support of the IT service management standards and good practice frameworks such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), ISO/IEC 20000 and IT4IT™ in providing good practice frameworks for IT service management

Activity A journal (maximum 200 words) (5 marks)

Make a journal which keeps records of your actions and growth connected to completing this assessment. List the following:

Date of research activity
Websites visited to gather information
Time duration of the activity

Structure, presentation of report (10 Marks)

In this report, you should comprise a title page, executive summary, an introduction to the report. The presentation of the report should be professional, resulting in clarity of message and information. Your referencing should be according to Harvard AGPS style

Activity B: Case study (maximum 1,500 words) (85 Marks)

In this activity, you will be provided a video case study in which you need to draw on the course material and researching academic sources.  In this video, the journey of accepting IT4IT™ at a company named at Delta Lloyd is presented. Particularly, the case study shows the usefulness of IT4IT™ for companies who use or want to use cloud computing.

We mention this case study for reference purpose only. You will find the original case study in your assignments.

The introduction should include a brief overview of the company and the scope of its IT operations/services, also the purpose of the report. The body of your report should include:

1. Background and justification of IT4IT adoption: The reasons why Delta Lloyd decided to adopt IT4IT™ (i.e. the challenges/problems/opportunities), the intended outcomes/ benefits of IT4IT™ adoption, implications of IT4IT™ for cloud computing

2. Adoption roadmap: Overview of the IT4IT™ adoption /implementation process (roadmap)

3. Challenges Delta Lloyd encountered during the adoption process

a. Outcomes of IT4IT™ adoption in Delta Lloyd

b. Recommendations to Delta Lloyd for improvement of their IT service management and achieving better outcomes from their IT4IT™ initiative.

Marking criteria (total marks 100)

1. Journal – ( 5 marks)

2. Presentation of report – (10 marks)

3. Introduction and executive summary – (10 marks)

4.  Background and justification of IT4IT adoption – (25 marks)

5. Adoption roadmap- (10 marks)

6. Challenges - (15 marks)

7. outcomes- (15 marks)

8. Conclusion and Recommendations (10 marks)

Challenges may face by students

Students may face several problems while completing this assessment such as Insufficient time, Lack of programming skills, Making an appropriate reference list. Such students can take help and required academic guidance from our technical experts and excel their grades.