CIS5205 Management Information Security Proof Reading Services

CIS5205 Management Information Security

CIS5205 Management Information Security Proof Reading Services

Assignment 4

Report and Presentation

The weight of this assignment is 50% and the word limit is 3000 words.

Learning outcomes

1. analyze information security vulnerabilities and threats and determine appropriate controls that can be applied to mitigate the potential risks

2. explain why continual improvement is necessary to maintain reasonably secure information systems and IT infrastructure and to describe the role of disaster recovery and business continuity plans in recovering information and operational systems when systems and hardware fail

3. Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively both written and orally about the management of information security in organizations.

You will be provided a case study from PEPOLESHARAZ.COM ( A fictitious analysis of a security breach). We provide this case study for reference purpose only. You will find an actual case study in your assignment.


On return from your meeting, it’s time to quickly put together a proposed plan of work and a response for PeopleSharz. Given the nature of your assignment with PeopleSharz, an urgent response and work-plan are required that outlines your approach and methodologies to:

1. Assessing what went wrong – how might the hacker have compromised the PeopleSharz environment and stolen the user information?

2 How does PeopleSharz ensure it does not happen again?

Structure of report

1. Executive Summary

The word limit of the executive summary is 250 words.

2. Background  and problem analysis

The word limit of background and problem analysis is 500 words.

3. Threat analysis 

The word limit of threat analysis is 1000 words.

4. Dependencies and critical success factors to the job

The word limit of Dependencies and critical success factors to the job is 500 words.

5. Set of recommendations

The word limit of Set of recommendations is 750 words.

6. Reference list of key sources

No counted in word count

Structure of presentation (POWERPOINT)

1.  Slide for an Introduction outlining

2. 2-3 Slides covering the Background and problem analysis

3. 2-3 Slides covering the Threat Analysis

4. 2 Slides covering Dependencies and critical success factors to the job

5. 2 Slides covering your proposed Set of recommendations

6. 1 Slide acknowledging the key authoritative reference sources

Challenges face by students

In completing this assessment, student face off many different problems such as lack of writing skills, making presentation, report and references etc. We have experts in every recommended subject by top universities. Students can take help and guidance of our technical experts to make a high-quality assignment.