CIS5100 Database Management System Paper Editing Services

CIS5100 Database Management System Assignment

CIS5100 Database Management System Paper Editing Services

Database Management System [DBMS] and Decision Support System [DSS]

This task is for those candidates who continue the degree of database management system [DBMS] and decision support system [DSS].  In this task you will learn the about the selling part, analysis the customer data, find out the profit, discount offers, how customer data manage it in the Excel worksheets.

The assignment marks out of 100 and weight is 20%. You will have to prepare for database management system based on the case study of present customer management system.

Part A database management system

Mention what a database management system?
Identify the system management tool for this assignment.

Some following task related to the assignment:-

Create a table of the database, and maintain the import or export data in this table.
Modify the database table - In this table include data type, field description, and Customer identification, set an appropriate customer data.
Set the important keys on the table like- customer ID, item ID, supplier ID, order date ID.
Maintain the customer related data and supplier data in the table
Create an invoice report for the customer bases requirement. In this report include customer ID, product invoice number, customer product number, bill number etc. All details of the product information related.
Create a relationship table of the customer to seller table and Items or order table.
It can easily edit Customer data sheet, change the consumer mobile number, and change the consumer address, city, postcode, and title also.

Part B Decision support system:-

Computer-based information system helps in business decision support system utilizing Microsoft Excel. Decision support system will help in analyses the sales trend in the business and help in determining the business future.

What is decision support system?
Elaborate the decision system tools for using in this task.

Some following task related to the assignment:-

Make worksheets- Open a fresh tab, click on the right side then go to rename, click on it customer table. Go to the data icon click on it and get external data.

Create a customer data check- maintain the valid customer order number, accurate product price numbers, and customer phone number.

Create index sheets- In this sheet; add the profits value, business expenses, total sales, bank charges, fixed expenses. Calculate the quarterly income, expenses, and total freight outward expenses, how much discount applied. All data maintain and calculate in the index worksheets.

Use the VLOOKUP function on the report sheet- Its helpful for finding anything. It can easily modify the data and use the current exchange rate into the cell.

Create a selling prince in the worksheets- cost price + cost price * selling price. In this worksheets develop a profit margin, discounted item add on this sheets. [Selling price - item discount] * order quantity.

Add a documentation worksheet- In this worksheet contain all the information for the practical worksheets listed. Using the scenario manager in excel create a scenario summary on worksheets.