Childhood Obesity Research Editing and Proof Reading Services

Childhood Obesity Research Assignment Brief

Childhood Obesity Research Editing and Proof Reading Services

This childhood obesity research assignment explore research ethics and research methodology.

Assessment Requirements

1. An in-depth description of your chosen research methodology, including the required stages.(Up to 3 marks maybe awarded for the a) accuracy of your description of your research methodologyand a further 3 marks for the b) quality of rationale for using this methodology).

2. The a) different stages in your research project including: (question, rationale, literature review, research methodology, participant participation, data collection, analysis, finding reporting conclusions and further recommendations) b) proposal, c) approval, d) implementation and e) evaluation.(Up to 2 marks maybe awarded for your articulation of each of the above 5 portions of your research project - planning)

3. A specific section on ethical and cultural consideration specific to New Zealand, as well as explanations of why these are important and potential 0nseqUenCeS if these considerations are not undertaken. (Up to I marks maybe awarded for clearly articulating 3 difference ethical and cultural considerations for a project an organization or yourself might undertake plus a further 2 marks for your explanations of why the specific ethical and cultural considerations are pertinent to your project and a final 2 marks for comp fly identifiti0t of the 0eqUeflCes neglecting such factors by yourself or an organization

4. Appendices and referencing (Up to 1 mark maybe awarded for the Clarity of appendices their Completeness organization of assessment and appropriate correct referencing throughout)

Note: The above assessment marking decisions will be underpinned by understandings of the programme aim, programme outcomes, relevant Paper Learning Outcomes, NZQA Level Descriptors and Performance Criteria (noted in the Learner Programme Handbook) and Assessment Guideline Assessment Schedule.

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