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BUS301 Business Finance Academic Proof Reading and Editing Services

This assessment has 2 parts

Part A

In this part, you will be provided a scenario of Telstra Corporation Ltd or another similar company.

Note:We have mentioned the company name for reference purpose only. You will find the actual scenario in your assignment.


You are required to complete these questions in 1000 words.

1. In the light of the broad political implications of the privatization of the Commonwealth Government’s most valuable business enterprise, outline what the major decision-making factors would have been in planning the sale of Telstra.

2. Consider the issue process used by the Commonwealth Government in both of the Telstra share offers, outline reasons why the Commonwealth Government would have chosen to employ the installment-payment and book-build instruments as part of these share issues. Are these attractive to potential investors, and are there any potential drawbacks or problems associated with including these instruments as part of the share-issue process?

3. Contrast the relative levels of success associated with the Telstra 1 and Telstra 2 share offers from the perspective of both the general public and the Commonwealth Government. Is this pattern of outcomes consistent with what is suggested by the textbook and anecdotal evidence regarding the share-issue process?

Part B

You are required to complete these questions in 1500 words. In this part, you are needed to take a business report method to study the performance of an illustration of two companies registered in the same category on the Australian securities exchange(http://www.asx.com.au/index.htm)

You have to prepare a report for every company which must include the following these are:

1. Collection of weekly share price data for each company over the 5 weeks period. Every share price should then be graphed and a discussion on movements and trends in share price should be provided.

2.  Analytically analyze the risk and return the concept of the selected shares and provide investment advice based on the analysis.

Challenges may face by students

Students may face several problems while completing this assessment such as Insufficient time, Lack of writing skills, Making an appropriate reference list. Such students can take help and required academic guidance from our subject experts and excel their grades.