BUS100 Professional Communication Skills Editing Services

BUS100 Professional Communication Skills

BUS100 Professional Communication Skills Editing Services

Students will find important information and guidelines regarding their Professional Communication Skills Assignment. 

Both assessments are individual.  

Assessment 2 (Annotated bibliography- Reference List)

The word limit for this assessment is 500 to 800 words.

The value of this assessment is 30% in total. Students must obtain 50% marks to pass this assignment.

Purpose of this Assessment

This Professional Communication Skills Assessment teaches students to develop their research skills and start to develop critical analysis skills by discovering and assessing a wide range of different but related reference source to a provided topic.


Choose a current business topic to complete this task.


In business, good reports show the ability to research and recognize related material to be used as the basis for considering a question, secondary argument and arriving at justified recommendations or conclusions. There may be several sources relating to any provided topic or question, some will be more applicable than others.

The good related supporting material will be recent, relevant and credible.

Using the provided topic students required to research and identifies five different sources which would be related if preparing an analysis report for the provided topic. Comprise the bibliography should be:

Minimum one peer-reviewed article
Minimum one website
Minimum one newspaper or magazine article
Minimum one of the sources reviewed must fail to meet the some or all of the three criteria of good supporting material be a source you have viewed but decided it would not be applicable to use – describe why it is not applicable.


Wiki anything and about.com must not be used in your sources. For each source, need to:

Cite the content appropriately using HARWARD (Angila) reference style.
Concisely summarize the key arguments or findings of the source
Concisely evaluate the usefulness, objectivity, and reliability of the source.

Note:points two and three should be between 100-160 words.

Assessment 3 (Comparative Analysis)

To complete this task, you are required to prepare a report.

The word limit for this assessment is 1000-1500 words. The total value of this assessment is 35 %.

Purpose of the Assessment

The aim of this assessment is to build on the research and analysis skills and techniques developed with assessment 1 & 2, and the critical thinking skills discussed and practiced in class. This assessment also helps students to develop and improve information literacy and writing skills.


The report gives students the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of a provided topic. Students should use the four suitable sources from Annotated Bibliography and at least of two other sources to develop their report.

Students should compare what the different sources say about the key points and make the conclusion that answers the questions posed using their sources which may agree or disagree with those points. A concise analysis of the sources should be comprised of the discussion.

The purpose of this assessment is to review what different authors say about the topic of interest.

Marking Criteria

Introduction (3 marks)
Interpretation and analysis of Literature (5 marks)
Conclusions (5 marks)
Referencing (5 marks)
Coherence of report (3 marks)
Overall Presentation, spelling & grammar (3 marks)

Various challenges students may face in completing these assessments

Making reference list
Lack of academic writing skills
Unable to properly understand the topic

For such students, we provide necessary help and guidance for their assignment so that they can achieve academic excellence.