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BUMGT5970 Leadership Assignment Brief

BUMGT5970 Leadership Proof Reading Services and Paper Editing Services

Analysis and problem diagnosis

The culture works on the thinking that greed is good where every company or individual concentrates on maximizing their profits. In the case study the authorities of company were focused on their personal benefits. They were targeting to increase the price of their shares by increasing its profits in the accounts and giving appreciation and appraisals to the employees. The employees and investors lost their confidence and were less motivated for their work in the company. The higher authorities did not make any ethical standards which should be followed in company and most of the directors were involved in the unethical activities like insider trading and sponsorships.

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The culture of organization and leadership both are related and make an impact on each other.  Leadership requirements can be identified by analyzing need of organizational culture and leadership create culture in an organization.  To understand relationship between organizational culture and leadership following points can be considered.

In the given case there is a code of conduct was made at the time of execution of vision and mission of company. This code of conduct should be considered while conducting any activity. This helps to maintain ethical behavior in the company. Leader should be that person who can maintain a positive and relatively beneficial relationship with each other. He should have the understanding of importance of ethics laws and policies created to follow. Employee retention should be increased to maintain the participation of employees in the company’s growth.

Leadership enables effective and clear communication as in it makes clear approach towards the organization’s structure which is included in culture. Leadership gives authority to take decision to its employees which ensures them their participation in company.

The performance of any employee can be predicted by its background performance and this helps to increase ethical behavior in organization. The leader should educate its employees about ethics which are key factors to increase positive environment in organization. The leaders and authorities are the examples for the employees to be followed. They consider ways which is followed by leaders. So these people should make ethics based decision to influence their activities.

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