BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

In this assessment, you will show the ability to create individual work goals. The students will also show the capability to maintain the personal and professional work importance.

Task 1


1. Review your job description and your organization's business plans business goals policies and procedures. In your journal, provide a list of the organization's policies procedures and plans that will inform the team and personal goal setting.

2. In your job duties, the company clearly explains the targets, goals, procedures. You will follow the company policies and procedure.  Establish four to five goals including both individual goal and team goals. You can define how and why you established aims. You will clarify the value of individual goal and group [team] goal setting in an organization.

3. Create a tool to check the employee performance level. Establish KPIs to measure the performance level. KPIs are a key performance indicator, to measure the company performance level. An organization uses KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate the employee task, objectives and company growth rate etc.

Firstly you will explain the why the company uses KPIs in the organization.
How to measure the goal related performance.
How to identify the individual growth and weakness, you will explain how to use and maintain it.

4. Choose two goals to develop the work plans. Identify the goals priorities activities and how will you manage the goals activities. Define how you have used the plans to manage time professionally.

5. During work planning how you will ascertain you serve as a positive role in an organization. How you will maintain the stressing life, personal life balance with lots of work and health maintenance.

6. Explain your position description, define your work plans and job responsibilities. To certify you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.


You must submit-

Position description
Two work plans produces using Microsoft Word

Your mentor will be observing proof of:

Literacy skills use in the organization work.
Organisation skills use to set and achieve priorities.
Techniques of performance measurement-

Goal setting
Time management
Identify of individual behavior to support in managing work importance and work-life balance.

Task 2

In this assessment, you will show your skills knowledge abilities required to develop and maintain professional competence.


1. Assess your personal knowledge and skills against competency standards such as enterprise-specific competencies or nationally endorsed units of competency. Describe the process you undertook to assess your professional competency.

2. How can check your feedback on your work performance? Meet with two people who are familiar and understand your work like clients, colleagues, supervisors to seek feedback on your work performance.  

3. Develop a professional development plan you should include-

a. Add new skills to your work performance to require achieve goals or targets.

b. Create a training department to teach you and develop opportunities for your future growth.

c. The timeframe is essential to maintain and set the timeline which helps to achieve development opportunities, new skills participate in the network.

d. For professional development to participating in network groups. It is required for organization development growth.

In your journal, you should discuss:

A. Analyzed your development process plan and applied feedback.

B. To identify the process, estimate and select the upcoming opportunities involved in your professional development plan – discuss knowledge style.

C. Develop new skills get and these acquire skills will provide a competitive edge.

D. Take an example of interacting with the new people and increase new contacts level to improve skills power.

E. How these plans align with relevant organizational policies and procedures and how they align with organizational goals and your work role.

4. Submit your development plan, create feedback notes. Confirm a photocopy of all work submitted for your records to the mentor.


You must submit:

Creation process of professional development plan
Meeting notes

Your mentor will be observing proof of:

Analyse and report on feedback, check the communication skills to receive.
Submission of principles and techniques of planning professional development
To increase Knowledge about management development programme.
Knowledge of types of learning styles and application to professional development planning.