BSBRSKSOl Manage risk Editing and Proof Reading Services

BSBRSKSOl Manage Risk Assignment Brief

BSBRSKSOl Manage risk Editing and Proof Reading Services

Assessment Overview

These assessment tasks will assess the student's skills and knowledge required to manage risk in a range of contexts across an organisation or for a specific business unit or area in any industry setting. The Assessment is divided into three (3) Assessment Tasks to assess the student's ability to satisfy competency in Manage risk. You are required to complete all Assessment Tasks and be assessed as "Satisfactory" in each to gain competenry in this unit BSBRSKSOl Manage Risk Assignment Brief.

General lnstructions

  • You are required to answer all questions within each Assessment Task and be assessed as "Satisfactory" in each to gain competency in BSBRSK50'I Manage risk.
  • Submit the completed Assessment Tasks to your Trainer & Assessor through LEARN.
  • lf you have any questions regarding this assessment, please contact your Trainer & Assessor.

Assessment Task 1 - Report on Risks

ln Assessment task one (1) you will be provided with a simulated business scenario where you will assume the role of assistant manager. ln the task in you will undertake the three stages of a Risk ManagementProject; risk review report; risk analysis report, action plan and risk treatment and a monitoring report.

Assessment Task 2 - Analyse and treat risk

For this task, you are to use the information you gathered in Assessment Task'1, along with the simulated business information provided, to examine the likelihood and consequence of identified risks, prioritise the risks and determine options for treatment for each risk. Using this information, you are required to develop a risk management action plan for implementing risk treatment, document the plan as required and communicate the risk  management plan to relevant parties.

Assessment Task 3 - Monitor risk and evaluate processes

For this task, you are to review the implementation of the risk management action plan you developed in Assessment Task 2 against the simulated business information provided in this task. Then, you will need to prepare a monitoring report evaluating the outcomes of the action plan and risk management process.