BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Editing Services

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Assignment

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Editing Services


Terms and definitions

Below is a list of terms which are relevant to this unit. Please provide responses in your own words, to fully demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of each term.  You will need to undertake your own research (online, dictionary, relevant books), in addition to reviewing your learning content.
You should aim to present responses which average 75 words each (to provide sufficient evidence of your understanding).  A minimum of 50 words is required. 
Your responses must be provided as if you were explaining the term to a person who has never heard of it before.  Each submission should (i) average 15 words for each sentence (ii) be grammatically correct, (iii) error free and (iv) be presented in simple English.  (A good tip here is to read all of your text aloud, to check for accuracy and good presentation.  Another tip is to ask another person to proof-read your work, where possible). 

Now, please:                

(i)      Provide a comprehensive definition of each term.  State WHAT the term means within the work place, in the first column.
(ii)     Provide a detailed explanation of the term.  Your explanation must identify WHO, WHEN and WHERE this term would be applied within the work place, in the second column.
(iii)    Provide your own simple example of a situation where the term could be applied within the workplace in the blank row presented.  

Critical Path Method

When, where and who would apply this term in the context of a workplace in your own words 

  • The Critical Path Method (CPM) is relevant to the workplace and the project as it allows for all stakeholders to be aware of the activities of the project to be completed. This method is relevant to use for any projects where there are independent activities for the completion of the project.  
  • The project scope facilitates the project team remain focused during the project and on task. The project scope statement also provides the project team leader with guidelines for making some changes if needed during the project. Anyone reading the statement can have a good idea of what the project includes as well as excludes.
  • The project planning parameters tell the project team what is expected from them i.e. their responsibilities and limits of authority. It can also act as motivation as it also include time limits under which one has to fulfil his responsibility.