BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Paper Editing Services

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Paper Editing Services

Here students who are pursuing the Diploma in Business will find important instructions to complete their assessment.

This assessment defines the knowledge and skills required to take on an upfront project or a part of larger project. It covers evolving a project plan, monitoring the project, finalizing the project to recognize lessons learned for applications to future projects.

There are total three tasks in this assessment.

In task 1, you are required to prepare a project plan, a risk management plan and a budget. In task 2, you need to take part in a project meeting and in task 3, you will have to write a report and participate in project meetings.

Task 1

Students will show the skills and knowledge needed to describe projects and make project strategies.


Based on the scenario, Students will regulate the possibility of a project and make a portfolio of draft planning documents to argue with the manager. Then students will exchange characteristics of the project with the allocated team.

You are required to follow this process to complete this assessment task:

1. Evaluate the provided business documentation, containing policies and processes, in the given document. Review templates contained in the document ‘Project planning templates.docx’ for possible use or adaptation in completing project requirements.

2. Appraise the provided scenario information provided in Appendix 1.

3. Receive details from the manager of the team, skills, cost and recommended deliverables and timeframes of the project.

4. Determine project scope. Develop applicable initiation and scope documents for arguing with the manager.

5. Regulate additional documentation necessary for determining project and advance deliverables.

6. Outline project stakeholders. Regulate how you will involve and organize stakeholders to obtain targets. Improve communication and stakeholder controlling strategies for argument.

7. Define personal responsibilities and reporting requirements.

8. Determine the relationship of the project to other projects, business operations, system, organization’s strategic goals, and outside statutory needs.

9. Determine resources and access to resources. Discuss with the manager to make clear, if required.

10. Regulate project management tools, like software (e.g. Microsoft Word, MS Excel, and MS Project) and templates etc.

11. Make your project plan using a suitable project management tool. Comprising:

(a) Work failure configuration: phases of improvement or of task accomplishment (Design, Develop, Execution, and Appraisal); prospects for evaluation and response; synchronization of roles and sharing of accountability for deliverables; needs.
(b) Roles and responsibilities for each team member
(c) Timelines
(d) Resourcing requirements

12. Prepare a risk management strategy for your project (version 1) for argument. Comprise deliberation of WHS risk management. Recognize, evaluate and suggest treatment of minimum 3 extra risks, containing financial risk. Keep a record of risks on a risk register and accomplish a risk valuation file for each risk.

13. Develop a budget (version 1) for the project.

14. Meet with Manager to discuss:

(a) Project scope
(b) Project stakeholders
(c) Added documentation needed to regulate project and improve deliverables.
(d) Personal accountabilities
(e) Resources and access to these resources
(f) Connection of project to other projects, structure and strategic objectives of organization
(g) Portfolio of documents:

Project origination and scope documents
Risk management plan (version 1)
Project plan (version 1)
Budget (version 1)

15. Ask for feedback from your manager and ensure understanding of any extra issues or changes of the project to its parameter.

16. Meet with your project team to:

(a) Exchange roles and responsibilities

(b) Agree on version 2 of documents for agreement by the manager:

Risk management plan (version 2)
Project plan (version 2)
Budget (version 2)

(c) Integrate feedback from a manager into planning project.

Task 2

Students will show skills and knowledge needed to manage and observe projects.


In this task, students will work collaboratively with the team to manage and observe a project to achieve the project deliverables.

The process to complete this assessment task:

1. Evaluate the provided business documentation, containing policies and processes in the provided document. Assess templates contained in the document for probable use or adaption in carrying out requirements of the project.

2. Analyze the given scenario information.

3. Determine monitoring and record-keeping system requirements from the scenario for project as scheduled.

4. Determine personal need for support.

5. Meet with the team to:

(a) Elucidate roles and responsibilities and confirm written a record of the agreement, for example, get signatures on provided template.
(b) Define requirement support and inform the team of your support requirements.
(c) Deliberate monitoring and record-keeping systems as required by the given organization.
(d) Discuss risk procedures for recognizing risks and risk management approaches.

6. Plan to help a team member. Manage appropriate time with team member and manager.

7. Meet with team members to provide support.

8. Complete the following personal roles and responsibilities:

(a) Apply monitoring and record-keeping, using or adapting the provided template
(b) Develop project deliverables
(c) Make sure about quality assurance on draft deliverables as needed by the project plan.

9. Undertake risk management as per project plan. Deliver risk management reports. Use provided templates.

Task 3

Students will show ability required to finalize and evaluate projects.


Following on task 1 and task 2 and using the provided scenario information, you need to consult with your project team, complete financial record keeping, reassign staff to roles, complete project documents for sign off and evaluate project requirements.

Students should follow this process to complete this task:

1. Analyze the provided scenario documentation, containing policies and processes, in the given document. Evaluate templates included in the given document for possible use in completing requirements of the project.

2. Review the provided scenario information.

3. Discuss with your project team and complete financial record-keeping for the project:

(a) Complete budgeted spend with authentic
(b) Present a budget deviation report.

4. Allocate project team members to roles after discussion with your team and management. Gain agreement on new roles and responsibilities. You may use the provided template to record agreement on new role descriptions.

5. Produce a handover report for the project sponsor for sign-off. You may use or adapt the template provided.

6. In discussion with your project team:

(a) Analyze the project’s outcomes against objectives, containing budgetary performance.
(b) Analyze team procedures
(c) Evaluate the project management techniques used, analyze their contribution to the project and confer probable substitutes.
(d) Define lessons learned from implementation of the project.

7. Produce a post-project review report for all stakeholders, including the Board of Directors, including:

(a) A review of project outcomes against aims, containing budgetary performance
(b) An evaluation of team processes
(c) A study of the project management techniques used, an appraisal of their support to the project and any recommendations for other techniques for use in the future
(d) A consultation of lessons learned from execution of the project
(e) Recommendation for the execution of future projects based on the learned lessons, ensuring your report takes account of specific organizational needs, for instance, legislative requirements and strategic plans.