BSBMGT616 Development and Implement Strategic Plans

BSBMGT616 Development and Implement Strategic Plans

BSBMGT616 Development and Implement Strategic Plans

This assessment will enable students’ knowledge and skills to establish the strategies of the organization, maintain competitive advantage and increase competitiveness.

It covers analysis and understanding of related markets, capability assessment of the organization and examines the existing and potential competitors and allies of the organization.  

In this assessment, you have to manage the review process on a prescribed organization, define changes to the organization’s objective and vision statements, and communicate the review procedure to stakeholders.  

To successfully complete this assessment, you should read below-mentioned instructions cautiously.

Students have to attempt four tasks to complete this assessment. These are:





Organisational Review

Project, Report, Presentation


Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis


Strategic Planning

Project, Report, Presentation


Reviewing Implementation

Project, Report

Task 1


Students have to review the specified organization’s aim and values by reviewing the provided case study information as well as meeting with a key stakeholder in the case study organization. After reviewing things, revise the aim and mission statements to replicate the present status and direction of the specified organization, then inform the stakeholders to:

(a) Outline changes to the objective and organizational values.
(b) Explain the premeditated planning procedure and identify where feedback can be provided.


For the information provided in the given case study in this task, you need to sum up:

(a) The recognized idea and operation of the specified organization.
(b) Existing practices of the organization and, especially if they help the operational goals of the organization or point to hypothetically new goals for given organization.

After you have developed this summary, you required meeting with a key stakeholder to discuss the vision and mission as you have recognized it.

After this meeting, you required to draft an email to the other stakeholders in your organization, using the following headings:

(a) Existing vision and mission
(b) Current approaches
(c) Revised vision and mission
(d) Organizational values

Note: Your email is titled ‘Mission/Vision review’.

Task 2


To complete this assessment task, you need to complete analysis of the organizational surroundings to enhance an understanding of would-be competitors and partners, and the linked risks and advantages.


Accomplish an analysis of value chain, PEST & SWOT for your organization, and over examine the possible contestants and allies provided in the given case study.


According to the given case study, you need to complete for your organization:

1. PEST analysis (containing a review of a statute affecting on particular organization).
2. SWOT analysis (containing an appraisal of value-chain).

Then you are required to appraise contestants/allies to the organization, as defined in the given study, and:

(a) Classify and define current and potential contestants/allies then précis the strengths and weaknesses of both.  
(b) Make an isolated summary statement for every possible ally for a supportive undertaking that defines their arrangement with specified organization’s mission, vision, and attributes, as recognized in the tender document.

Task 3


In this task, you need to develop and document a strategic plan for the organization based on the research you have conducted. You will also require communicating the premeditated plan to key stakeholders in the organization.


You will have to write a strategic plan, comprising consideration of resource implications and then circulate to stakeholders. After an endorsement from the Board, interconnect the plan to employees and explain any implications for their role in the organization.


According to the given case study information, following on your exploration of the specified organization, and competitors and partners in Task 2, you required to:

1. Formulate strategic objectives for the organization (Based on the Board minutes).

2. For each objective, develop and explain strategies that you think could be used to come across the objective in the future.

3. For the strategies defined, you required to:

(a) Prepare a prioritized list of strategies
(b) Explain a timeline for each to be finished
(c) Allocate assessable performance indicators to individual strategies
(d) Allocate responsible parties to each strategy.

Task 4


In this task, you are required to review the execution of a strategic plan inside the specified organization and prepare a report analyzing the implementation.


You required making a report describing the execution as measured by the achievement of KPIs, and overall effectiveness as part of your review. You also need to classify and explain any modifications and developments that can be made to the execution procedure.


For the information provided in the case study, you required to prepare a progress report with information provided under the following headings:

1. KPI progress: Evaluate and explain of the strategic plan according to every of the recognized enactment meters.
2. Overall progress: Appraise and explain the overall value and growth of the strategic plan.
3. Milestone progress: Assess the achievement of recognized purposes against the recognized timeline milestones for the strategic plan.
4. Improvements: Make compulsory enhancements to certify constant achievement of the plan and explain approaches for improving strategic planning procedures.