BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership Organization Diploma Editing Services

BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership across Organization Diploma Assignment

BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership Organization Diploma Editing Services

Part A

Written Question

You are needed to complete a written test connected to the competency of the unit the question relates to the knowledge and skills needed for this unit.

You need to show your knowledge and understanding of the following aspects:

1. Leadership style and their application

2. Organization mission, value, and purpose

3. Organization plans objectives and strategies

4. Business ethics and their applications

5. Legislation codes and bylaws related to the organization’s operations.

6. Organizational change processes

Q.1. describe different leadership styles and their applications

Q.2. define what is meant by an organization’s vision, mission, purpose, and values. Distinguish between mission and vision.

Q.3. list key provisions of the relevant legislation, codes, and bylaws that may be relevant to an organization’s operations or may affect aspects of its business operations.

Q.4. how would you effectively implement improvements in your organizational culture?

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Q.5. how global environment and new technology has impacted work activities

Q.6. how would you ensure that your actions let others know that you are flexible and adaptable to change?

Q.7. when working in a leadership capacity how would you ensure that the decision-making process addresses the needs and expectations of both internal and external groups and stakeholders?

Q.8. how important are risk management plans and timeframes for decision making?

Q.9. how would you ensure that your business is represented positively in the media and community?

Q.10 when assigning work to the team including their accountabilities and responsibilities, what would you take into consideration?

Q.11 how would you ensure that different teams have access to resources to allow them to achieve their objectives in line with the larger organizational objectives?

Q.12 how and for what purpose would you delegate? Also, discuss how team and individuals will feel empowered through effective delegation and support for their initiatives.

Q.13. how would you create and maintain a positive work environment?

Q.14. how would you encourage teams and individuals to develop innovative approaches to the performance of work?

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