BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Editing Services

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment Help

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Editing Services

Task 1

Project Develop an Operational Plan

You have been employed by Australian Hardware, which is startup hardware business. Your role is to assist developers and implement strategies plans that support the direction and aspirations of the business. You are to obtain a copy of the business plan from your employer.

Note: Here we mention the company name only for reference purpose, you will find the actual case study in your assignments.

Once, understood, you are to arrange a time to meet with your employer to recognize company goals and aspiration, and to clarify the business plan where needed.

Next, you need to develop the detailed operational plan that makes sure the objectives and approaches outlined are met by work teams. Outlines of your operational plans:

1. Performance criteria
2. Strategies
3. Budgets
4. Resources
5. Timeframes
6. Responsibilities

It is important that you also contain details on how the plan will be implemented, monitored and reviewed. Along with your operational plan, you are to develop and provide all relevant policies and procedures relating to: hardware/secure/docs/AH Wollongong%20General%20operations%20manual.pdf

Obtaining physical resources
Protecting organizational intellectual property

It is important that you:

1.  Include a detailed consultation process
2.  Detail any specific resource requirements
3. Include strategies for the recruitment
4. Include KPIs to measure organizational performance
5. Include relevant forecasts or budgets as required
6. Include contingency plans at appropriate stages

Once developed, you are to arrange a meeting with your assessors. The objective of this meeting is to clarify and gain approval for the implementation of your plan. you must be prepared for this meeting.

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan, BSBMGT517 Assignment Help

Task 2

Project Implements an operational plan

You are to prepare for and implement your operational plan in part. Your implementation will encompass running a meeting for your team in which you:

1. Discuss the operation plan in detail
2. Allocate responsibilities for at least 2 strategies outlined in the plan
3. Instruct each person to whom you have allocated responsibilities to, to make sure they understand and are empowered to perform their allocated tasks.

It is important that you are prepared for this session, ensuring you:

1. Prepare for the session to ensure everything is covered
2. Provide relevant documentation

Your assessor will observe you running the meeting:

Meeting context:

Each meeting will consist of you and at least 2 other people, who will role, play the employees.

Remember, you will be required to both run the meeting and role play an employee.

Things to consider whilst performing this task:

1. Be organized – prepare and plan for the session thoroughly
2. Know your company
3. Know your position
4. Know your company
5. Arrange access to ask a question
6. Be prepared to ask questions
7. Be prepared to be asked questions

Things to consider whilst role-playing an employee:

1. be prepared
2. Act professionally throughout the process
3. be prepared to ask questions when you require more information
4. Answer all questions to the best of your ability
5. make sure that by the end of the session, you are fully aware of the strategy you have been allocated, along with the actions you would need to perform to achieve this.

 Task 3

Project observation – Review operational plan

For this assessment, you are to interview your assessor and gather the required data to review the implementation of your operational plan. To perform this task satisfactorily, you must be prepared, as your assessor will only provide you with answers to questions asked.

In performing this task, you should:

1.  Consider your operational plan developed in Final assessment task 1

2.  Identify the type of information required to determine the effectiveness of each strategy

3. Assess the profitability and productivity outcomes of each strategy

4. Identify areas of underperformance

5. Identify improvements that are appropriate to ensure the viability of the operational plan

6. Once you have gathered this information, you are to provide a written report that:

7. Comments on the effectiveness of the implementation of the plan

8. Reviews the financial outcome (in terms of viability, profitability, and productivity) of each strategy

9. Outlines the areas of underperformance, along with recommendations for improvements

10. Includes an amended version of your operational plan, with the changes highlighted

11. Outlines in detail how the changes will be implemented.

Task 4

Written Questions

1. What is the role of an operational plan in achieving the organization's objectives?

2. Explain what a GANTT chart is, and the associated benefits to operational planning. Be sure to a sample?

3. Explain what a PERT Chart is and the associated benefits of operational planning. Be sure to a sample?

4. List and describe 4 types of documents that are commonly referenced when developing an operational plan project. Include an outline of the information contained within and how it influences the parameters of your plan

5.  list 6 different legislation, organizational policy or procedure that may impact on operational plan implementation.

6. describe the following principles requirements

1. Equal opportunity
2. Occupational health and safety
3. Employer rights and responsibilities
4. Anti-discrimination
5. Privacy laws
6. Copyright

7. What is the key purpose of creating and using an annual budget?

8. What are the key purpose objectives of forecasts?

9. What is the importance of milestones and KPIs when budgeting/forecasting?

10. What information is needed in order to create an accurate financial forecast for a business?

11. Describe the steps that are in most company budgeting procedures

12.  List 5 characteristics that should form part of a key performance indicator

13. List 3 alternative approaches to developing key performance indicators to business objectives?

14. What is the difference between a strategic KPI and an operational KPI?

Various challenges students may face while completing this assessment:

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