BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Paper Editing Services

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Paper Editing Services

This information is very helpful for the students who are studying the Manage Operational Plan diploma.

This is a diploma in leadership and management. Management needs arrangements and processes to be settled and applied to simplify the organizational strategy.

This assessment has three tasks.

In Task 1, you will have to take part in three role-plays- A planning portfolio, in Task 2 you need to take part in two interviews role-plays and in Task 3, you required participating in two role plays.

To get higher marks in your assessments, you are advised to read this information carefully and follow all guidelines.

Task 1


You will need to show the skills and knowledge that is necessary to enhance operational strategy in consultation with key stakeholders.


In the context of given business scenario, students will need to research necessities and make a working strategy in discussion to appropriate shareholders. Students will set up performance pointers, strategy for possibilities and attain consent compliant with organization’s needs.

To complete this task read the given scenario information and provided business documentation and based on that:

1. Write a summary of the Organization ABC’s operational environment. Includes:

An outline of the legislative and regulatory
An outline of the ABC’s policies and processes that directly relate to the operational plan
A description of the role of an operational plan in attaining the successful execution of the e-commerce strategy

2. An argument of your intention to either develop a new operational plan for Organization ABC or to modify the current operational plan.

3. Research resource requirements for carrying out of e-commerce strategy.

4. Organize with your evaluator to take part in two resourcing consultation role-plays.

5. Participate in discussion role-plays with relevant personnel to regulate resourcing requirements.

6. Develop an action plan for the putting into practice of the e-commerce strategy. Including:

Human resourcing
Physical resourcing
Timelines and milestones for implementing the e-commerce strategy
Consultation and communication

7. Develop performance indicators for operational and financial targets and modify or develop current operational plans to comprise KPIs and financial objectives related to e-commerce strategy. Develop a balanced scorecard for an e-commerce customer service representative containing 3 KPIs and associated targets.

8. Recognize minimum 3 risks to the execution of the operational plan and make a contingency plan for each risk. Risks must comprise:

One risk related to management of intellectual property (IP)
One risk due to employee underperformance
One risk because of a gap of health and safety agreement responsibilities.

9. Make a proposal for resourcing to be presented for approval to the Operations General Manager. Include in your proposal:

Description of the proposed implementation of resourcing
Breakdown of costs
Benefits of organization
A list of different approaches to developing key performance indicators
Risks to the organization by not implementing
Outline of identified risks and contingency planning
Description of sources of information used to develop a proposal

9. The present proposal for approval by the Operations General Manager in a 3rd role-play.

Task 2


Students will show knowledge and skills important to plan and manage source procurement.  


In the context of specified business scenario and by use work of Task 1, you will make and execute strategies to certify physical and human resourcing is brought out according to policies, practices and processes and intellectual property provisions.

 To complete this assessment, read the given business information and the business provided documentation:

1. Plan and execute physical resourcing:

Evaluate the physical resourcing actions in the action plan you prepared in Task 1.
Elaborate on your strategy by comprising all stages and strategies to obtain resources according to requirements of the organization.
Describe the risk management planning required to protect the organization’s IP.

2. Plan and implement human resourcing:

Evaluate human resourcing actions in the strategy you prepared Task 1.
Elaborate your strategy by containing all phases to recruit candidate according to organizational needs.
Incorporate IP necessities for human resource procurement to confirm trade secret information is protected from misuse, theft & unauthorized distribution.

Task 3


You will show knowledge and skills that necessary to monitor and review operational performance.


In the context of the given scenario and by using work of Task 1, students will advance, monitor and study performance systems, examine performance, recognize extents of underperformance, and report on operational performance.

Then students will make and present, in second role-play, you have to write a report defining the performance structure, result, and commendations for changes to operational strategies.

You need to read provided scenario information and business documentation.

1. Make a strategy for monitoring performance from the beginning of execution to the end of organization’s financial year. You can use the action plan to make your own plan.

2. Classify areas of employee underperformance, define probable curative activities and prepare for performance manage an underperforming employee.  

3. Follow your contingency plan and the ABC’s performance management policy to train and performance manage an underperforming employee.

4. Examine operational performance as explained in the scenario, and develop an operational plan status report.

NOTE:Here company name ABC is written for reference purpose only. Normally a real company is given in your assignments.