BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Diploma Proof Reading Services

BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Diploma Assignment

BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Diploma Proof Reading Services

Here, students who are pursuing the diploma in Automotive Management will find important instructions and guidelines regarding their assessments.

It contains assessment works and guidelines for enabling you to complete the assessment on time.

This unit is of Management and Leadership – Management.

This unit will help you to improve the knowledge and skills which need to manage the performance of the employee who reports to them directly. It creates the connection between performance management and development and strengthens both functions as a major requirement for effective managers.

There are total three tasks in this assessment. Which are:

Task Number

Method of Assessment

Task 1


Task 2

Case Study

Task 3

Written Questions

 There are four principles of this assessment that are:

(1) Validity
(2) Reliability
(3) Flexibility
(4) Fairness

These are some instructions for the students that should be followed by them to complete this assessment successfully:

Collusion and Plagiarism are the forms of cheating. It may result in a participant’s exclusion from a unit or a course. So, the student should avoid these things.

Students are advised to use the appropriate sources in their work. By doing proper referencing, you are acknowledging that you have mention other’s work or information.

Task 1


The main objective of the task is to make able you to show your skills and understanding of performance management systems inside statutory and organizational guidelines.


Students have to review the given case study and make an operational plan and answer the following questions:

Q. 1. What was your overall assessment of your performance as a coach? Give reasons for this assessment.

Q. 2. What do you think were some of your strengths during the exercise?

Q. 3. What do you think were some areas there was space for improvement?

Q. 4. What kind of strategies can you think of to help improve your leadership skills?

Q. 5. What do you think will be the cost of not applying new strategies to your role of a manager?

Q. 6. What are some useful skills that you have learned to support you in your role as the manager?

Task 2


You must show skills and knowledge of the process that needed to dismiss a difficult employee according to statutory and organization necessities.     


You have to read and analyze the given case study and required to:

1. Read and analyze the Case Study – ABC (Appendix).

2. You have to make a report that outlines and discusses:

(a) The causes the organization lost its biased termination case.
(b) What the organization should have been doing for it to have effectively secured its position against the claim of biased termination.
(c) What would be the right way to dismiss an employee according to statutory and organization’s requirements.

4. You must incorporate the following things in your report.

(a) A risk inquiry of the case and plans to alleviate future risks should like circumstances arise.
(b) By the use case study examples, explain the situations under which delinquency and serious delinquency may be deemed to exist.
(c) You have to make a list of any regulation that applies to the conditions described in the given case study.
(d) Make policies and processes that an organization need to apply to avoid parallel circumstances going on and to confirm that disciplinary hearings and cessation are considered to be reasonable and fair. This should be centered on related legislation.
(e) You have to plan what documentation would need to be developed for the organization to evidence that it has applied a procedure to help non-performing employees.
(f) By using the provided case study, for instance, explain how all phases of the performance review procedure and corrective hearing procedure, should be performed as per statutory requirements and the policies of organization you have settled.

Task 3


This assessment will provide you the knowledge of KPIs, the usefulness of measuring performance, performance management, legislation, staff development and continuing discipline at the workplace.

In this task, you need to answer all of the following questions with the word limit of 150-200;

Q. 1. What is performance? Describe performance measurement systems utilized within the organization you are familiar with.

Q. 2. KPIs

You are a manager of a new call center team. Design three key performance indicators that the team must meet or exceed monthly.

Q. 3. Describe the role of awards and certified agreements in managing employee performance and give some examples?

Q. 4. Explain unlawful dismissal rules and due processes?

Q. 5. List three legislation that is relevant to performance management?

Q. 6. Explain options for staff development and information?

Q. 7. In this question, you will be provided a case study, based on that you will have to answer the mentioned question.

Q. 8. In this question, you will be given another case study, according to that you have to answer the given question.

Q. 9. What are the legal consequences for leaders and organizations for not holding records of any activity surrounding performance management?

Q. 10. How would you provide support to an employee who:

(a) Have issues done their job?
(b) Requires enhancing skills to be considered for a promotion?

NOTE: Here company name ABC is written for reference purpose only. Normally a real company is given in your assignments.