BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Proof Reading Services

BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance

BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Proof Reading Services

Students will find useful information regarding their assessment of Manage People Performance.

This assessment describes the knowledge and skills to manage the performance of staff who report to them directly. Improvement of major result areas and performance standards and indicators, joined with timely training and response, deliver the basis for performance management.

 Students will require completing four tasks to successfully accomplish this assessment.

Task no. 




Allocate work and provide feedback

Two Role-plays, Risk Management Plan


Design and train performance management systems

Participate in a training session role-play


Manage performance

A 10-15 minute role-play, coaching plan


Manage to follow up

Written response 

Task 1


The student will show knowledge and skills required to assign work and give informal feedback to workers in the context of managing performance.


Based on a scenario, students will come across a peer manager to role-play discussion on obtaining a source, setting performance anticipations and risk control. Then students will take part in a 2nd role-play to convey initial, informal response to the newly attained human resource and fix performance anticipations for continuing work inside the team.


1. Analyze the specified organization’s business documents provided.

2. Review the given scenario.

3. Organize with your evaluator.

(a) A time and place to organize 2 role-plays.

A consultation with the garden products manager.
A meeting to set performance expectations with the seconded employee.

4. Carry out the role-play with the manager. Confirm you:

(a) Explain your prospects for the worker and your requirements for filling the position with this resource:

Deliberate the position depiction.
Collect logic of the worker’s ability.

(b) Collect informal response to passing on to the worker that will permit the worker to commence with a genuine logic of the anticipations of the position and how tough they may have to work to near any skills/knowledge/performance gaps.

5. Carry out the role-play with the seconded employee. Make sure complete the following:

(a) Concisely summarize how performance is dignified and objects are set inside an organization.
(b) According to those procedures, set performances goals and accomplish a work plan in discussion with the worker.
(c) Talk about common anticipations and code of conduct with an employee.

6. By completing role-playing, recognize 2-3 risks related to the secondment in consonance with the risk management plan of the organization. Make sure you recognize minimum one compliance risk.

Task 2


Students will show the ability to design and train others in performance management system.


According to given scenario, you will plan a performance management system and train peer managers.


1. Analyze the provided organization’s business documentation, mainly policies, and processes related to the present performance management system.  

2. Review the scenario provided.

3. Organize with your evaluator.

(a) A time & place to act out the training.
(b) A timeline and setup needs for providing subsidiary documents.

4. Make appropriate amendments to the performance management system to address the identified deficiencies.

5. Develop a brief coaching session to deliver the vital structures of the present performance controlling system and your modifications.

Make sure you cover the meeting:

(a) Outline of the key features of the performance supervision structure in place. Comprising:

Formal and informal feedback
Target-setting and performance measurement procedure.
Performance evaluation
Observing coaching and improvement
Record-keeping demands and supplies

(b) Argument of the modifications you have made to the present structure, containing an emphasis on enhancing possible over and done with positive improvement options instead of recognizing and fixing performance faults.
(c) Ready to answer questions on the rectifications you have made, especially the objective of your structure and how your corrected system is planned to obtain that objective.

6. Deliver a 15 -20 minutes training session. Lead others to get help for your corrected system: elucidate and discuss the advantages of your corrections.

Task 3


Students will show the ability needed to manage people performance by delivering formal and informal response and training in the context of an organization.


Based on a provided scenario, students will design a role-play the delivery of an opinion and training period. Then students will need to accomplish formal performance development documents with the worker.


Evaluate the business papers of specified organization documentation provided to you, especially the performance management and evaluation procedures.

Study the given scenario and:

1. Review the ABC simulated business documentation provided to you by your assessor, particularly the performance management and performance appraisal processes.

2. Review the scenario provided.

3. Manage with your evaluator:

(a) A time & place to role-play a training performance assessment
(b) A timeframe and setup needs for submitting supportive documentation as specified below.

4. Review the employee’s performance scorecard.

5. Organize an informal training period for the worker. Use the provided training plan template or your plan of your own design.

The emphasis of this role-play should be on team up with the worker to recognize performance breaks and taking positive actions to close those breaks.

6. Organize the formal performance improvement documents for the worker. Use the provided template according to specified organization performance management policy.

The emphasis of this part of the role-play is to properly found with the performance concerns, curative steps, and work objectives for the succeeding performance analysis period.

7. Take part in a 10-15 minute role-play. Ensure you complete the following:

(a) Organize a training period where you:

Form and shed light on the authenticity of the worker’s performance; explain how performance was observed and measured; your appraisal of the break between expectations and their performance; and talk over previous feedback given in Task 1.
Identify attainments, approach ad positive factors of performance
Discuss performance expectations
Task over opportunities for development and meeting expectation
Start inclination of the worker to take solid steps.

(b) Accomplish formal performance improvement papers, where you:

Fix objectives and evaluate dates for the subsequent performance appraisal
Accomplish performance management recordkeeping for HR, containing signatures. Mention of the performance management processes followed with the worker.

Task 4


Students will show the ability to manage to follow up to performance management in the context of given organization.


You will have to give answers to scenario-based questions on following:


1. Evaluate the provided business documents, especially relevant to performance management requirements.

2. Analyze and answer the questions based on the scenario.

Considering the following answer the following:

Q. 1.Monitoring and training

A. How could variables such as recognition and continuous feedback help reinforce excellence in performance? Give two illustrations that could work for the specified organization to affect performance.
B. How would you implement processes to observe and train individuals, particularly those with weak performance?

Q. 2. The legal context of performance management

A. In 3 of the succeeding area, what are the related sections of statute suitable for performance management at given organization?

Industrial relations
Health and safety
Equal employment opportunity
Environmental issues.

B. For each section of statute recognize above, recognize minimum one requirement related to performance management at the specified organization.

Q. 3. Seeking advice

A. Name any positions of an internal source you could approach for advice HR or performance management.
B. Name one external source of HR or performance advice, mainly for organizing the weak performance.

Q. 4. Counseling and support

A. What steps would you take to counsel the employees according to organizational policy and related law for disciplinary meetings?
B. What legislation is the most relevant in this scenario?
C. What is the relevant award for the employee’s role at the ABC organization?
D. What support services could you provide to the employee?

Q. 5. Termination

A. What is the process of dismissal according to organizational policy and legal requirements? Concise the details.
B. What are the relevant unlawful dismissal rules and due procedures that you must keep an eye on?

NOTE: Here company name ABC is written for reference purpose only. Normally a real company is given in your assignments.