BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement Paper Editing Services

BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement

BSBMGT403 Implement Continuous Improvement Paper Editing Services

Students will have to complete following activities to complete this assessment:

Activity 1

After completion of this assessment tool candidate will be able to:

Tool continuous development system and process.

1.  Groups and team member are hopeful to supported and help in the decision-making process.

2. Team member and groups are communicating for the organization development.

3. Coaching is effective for team members. Its help to improve and implement the organization’s continuous improvement process.

4. Check the company performance

5. Organisation’s technology and system used for the company progress and identify the company performance.

6. Improve customer services through new techniques and process.

7. Provide opportunity for further improvement

8. Develop the new role and recommendations for the new process.

9.  Document work performance to aid the identification of further opportunities for improvement.

10. Check the organization records and reports to improve the organization’s system and process.

Instruction for task submission:

If any student does not understand the unit or the assessments work, so please talk to your teacher, trainer, or with the course coordinator. You must write your work in your own words. Do not copy any another person’s work. If students found to have copied work or similar work, so again you will start the new assessment or you may have to pay a financial penalty.

1. Complete your assessment work then submits the task work, if you late submit the work, you will unable to gain full marks.

2. Submit the assessment before the given or due date. If you submit the assessment work after the due date, you will be unable to gain competency.

3. All work is to be done with a high-quality content.

You do have the right to appeal any assessment decision making by the college trainer if you:

a. Believe that the assessment is invalid and/or
b. Feel that the process was invalid, inappropriate or unfair.

You will find an overview of this unit in the validation and mapping section on the right – hand side of your course page and this will help you to develop and understand how this unit will run over the period of the weeks.

a. Check your progress
b. Apply the skills you have learned during the training sessions
c. Gather evidence to achieve the competency in this unit.

In order to demonstrate your employability skills that underpin all job roles, through the set of foundation skills that are essential if learners to participate successfully in work and be valuable and productive employees.

These skills are identified as:

Oral communication

Activity 2

1. You have been asked to explain what the term continuous improvement means to a person who is unfamiliar with it. What would you tell them?

2. You have to suggest three specific activities to encourage employee contribution to the improvement in an organization.

3. What do you think? Which strategies would impact productivity and how?

Navigating the world of work
Interacting with others
Getting the work done

Activity 3

1. Identify some new technological applications that used in monitor and progress review, which planning could be improved.

2. What are four common problems when designing measuring system used to monitor and review progress?

Activity 4

1. You have been asked to write the content for a page on your organization’s intranet to communicate the organization’s continuous improvement process. Provide a copy of the text you would write.

Activity 5

Some of the workers who need training and coaching in continuous improvement process are loath to take part in it. Describe some advantages of coaching/ mentoring to encourage them to participate?

Activity 6

Choose an organization with which you are familiar – either as current or previous employers or as a customer. Consider what can and should be done to improve customer service in the organization by completing the following activities.

Describe the current situation
Define the proposed change.
Explain three of the benefits of the proposal
Explain the costs of not implementing the proposal.

Activity 7

Your Organisation has made improvements that improved results and increase product productivity and give better service. It is through the hard work of employees that these improvements have been realized. Explain the drawbacks of failing the communicate outcomes to a team member.

Activity  8

1. Describe some of the advantages of using an affinity diagram to identify opportunity for further improvement.

2. Explain the importance of maintaining accurate records of organizational improvement initiatives.

Project questions-

1. How suitable for the workplace are continuous improvement template?

2. How will you and the team identify further opportunities for improvement?

3. What might you change in the template or do differently?

4. What do you see as the main benefit of using such a template for continuous improvement?

5. What recommendation will you give to your colleagues to complete this type of activity in the workplace?