BSBLED502Program Promote Personal Effectiveness Paper Editing services

BSBLED502 Manage Programs Promote Personal Effectiveness

BSBLED502Program Promote Personal Effectiveness Paper Editing services

Here students find useful information helps them to complete their assessment.

This unit describes manage programs with a focus on health and wellbeing. It discusses management of the variety of programs that would usually be related to health and well-being as exercise, Employee Assistance Programs, and stress management.


Discover how to research and evaluate employee health problems
Know how to plan health and wellbeing program
Understand how to analyze program
Learn how to implement, monitor and administer program
Gain skills and knowledge required for this unit


Students are required to complete these questions to complete their assessment:

1. Research and analyze employee health issues

1.1 Identify and gather information on employee health problems from suitable internal and external sources
1.2 Evaluate findings and their allegations for the organization and business goals
1.3 Improve alternatives for addressing recognized health problems
1.4 Obtain support from senior managers for the preferred option

2. Plan health and wellbeing program

2.1 Developing program possibility and goals in discussion with industry advisers, associate managers
2.2 Plan and make administrative structure and resources for the program
2.3 Start responsibilities of program and evidently lead into to all stakeholders
2.4 Design communications and marketing plans in concurrence with stakeholders
2.5 Found appropriate appraisal approaches, grow an inclusive program management strategy and communicate this plan with stakeholders

3. Implement, administer and monitor program

3.1 Arrange policy documents, implement and monitor plans in concurrence with team leaders
3.2 Provide proper support, assistance, and mentors to related personnel
3.3 Implement and monitor tracking systems according to program guidelines
3.4 Touch program milestones within agreed timelines and deliver regular growth reports to stakeholders

4. Evaluate program

4.1 Use agreed to appraisal approaches to evaluate efficiency of program at definite phases
4.2 Communicate information from program appraisal procedure to stakeholders
4.3 Unite appraisal procedure and consequences into constant development plans, enterprise agreements, and upcoming corporate plans

Major Activity- An opportunity to revise the unit

At the end of your unit, you will find an activity titled ‘Major Activity’. This is the opportunity to review the complete unit.