BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships

BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships

BSBLDR502 Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships

Plan and present workplace communication systems

A communication plan is essential for any organization because communication plan develops a framework for activities for your business which help to understand each other, to achieve a business goal, clearly define the objective of a team member. A communication plan is important to removing the conflicts in the organization.

Task 1

In this assignment business information provided and prepares communication strategy.  Prepare a portfolio of a planning document that includes presentation present to the senior management team on your plans.


Part A communications planning portfolio

1. Check the organization current issue; check the feedback of the company.

2. Develop a draft communications strategy for meeting organizational needs that includes:

a. two to three communications objectives
b. at least two different audiences, for example, senior management, work teams, or individual employees
c. at least two methods of communication or media
d. at least two provisions to facilitate bottom-up consultation (from employees to management); for example, consultation on employee health and safety, consultation on continuous improvement of work processes, consultation on employee conditions and pay, or consultation on job roles and performance expectations.

Note: Ensure you also provide for management feedback on consultation back to employees.

Develop a short (less than one page) grievance procedure.
Submit your portfolio in accordance with quality specifications outlined below.

Part B: Performance present to the senior manager

Investigation, idea and send a 10 – 15-minute presentation to your senior managers

1. Prepare a business presentation in response to the scenario described in the scenario. Determine and prepare to discuss:

a. Audience needs and relevant interpersonal skills you will need to deploy to win support for your ideas.
b. Organizational needs:

Internal strategic needs, goals, and objectives
External regulatory or legal requirements, such as for WHS consultation, anti-discrimination or industrial relations
Business ethics requirements.
Your proposed approach to communications and consultation to meet organizational and audience needs:

a. Prepare to explain your draft communications strategy, organizational policies and procedures, and how such communications systems and policies can support a coordinated approach to developing effective work relationships.

b. Arrange a time and location to deliver your presentation to the senior management team.

c. Deliver the presentation to the senior management team. Ensure you deliver your presentation in accordance with deliverables and quality specifications outlined below.

Task - 2

In this task, you will read and respond to a scenario by answering a set of written question.


1. Take any company example, Read the company rules and regulation. Pay particular attention to diversity and networking issues and information.

2. Then review the company’s feedback, including business documentation, company’s policies, and procedures.

3. Make a document; create a new strategy and policies to effective in an organization.

4. Generate a file with a written answer to the question.

5. Submit a print of your document containing answers to the question.

Task 3

In this task, you will maintain the dispute between colleague or team member. You will develop a healthy positive environment. Create an action plan in consultation with the colleague.


1. Review and familiarise yourself with the JKL Industries simulated business documentation, including strategic plans and operational plans. Note what the organization does, how it does it, what its goals and objectives are, and who its stakeholders and customers are.

2. Plan to lead a role-played guidance session for a peer manager in response to the scenario.

3. Complete the first activity in the action plan template provided in Appendix 2.

4. Plan how you will:

a. Build trust with your colleague through assuming a calm, professional and emotionally receptive attitude and demeanour.

b. Adjust your personal communication style appropriately to meet the needs (both emotional and technical) of your colleague.

c. Discuss relevant grievance policies and procedures for resolving conflict in accordance with organizational and legislative requirements.

d. Discuss strategies for identifying root causes of conflict and for resolving the conflict.

e. Collaborate with your colleague to develop an action plan (completing the one from Appendix 2 you have already begun to implement by leading this session), including at least three actions your colleague to take to resolve the issue with their employee.

f. Arrange a time and place with your assessor to participate in the role-play.

g. Perform your role-play in accordance with the specifications set out below.

h. Submit your completed action plan within the agreed timeframe.