BSBLDR501 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence Proof Reading Service

BSBLDR501 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence

BSBLDR501 Develop and Use Emotional Intelligence Proof Reading Service

Here you will find useful information to which help you to complete your assessment.

This assessment covers the development and use of emotional intelligence to develop self-management, relationship management and social consciousness in the workplace.

Students will need to complete three tasks to complete this assessment. In
Task 1, you will need to prepare a written reflection.

In Task 2, you will have to written response to case-study based questions.

And in the last task, you will be provided with a case study based on that you will need to answer the given questions.

Task 1 (Reflect on your emotional intelligence)


Students will show the ability required to categorize the effect of your emotions on others within the workstation.


Students will classify their own emotional strengths and weaknesses, replicate on real workplace behavior and use self-reflection and feedback from others to develop emotional intelligence. Students will need to prepare a written reflection.


Assemble content for, design and prepare a reflection on your emotional intelligence according to quality specifications:

1. Use minimum one applicable tool or method to recognize your emotional strengths and weaknesses. Including:

(a) Online emotional intelligence test
(b) Workplace 3600evaluation
(c) Personal SWOT analysis

2. Identify minimum three examples where you have felt anxious or experienced an adverse emotional situation at work. Deliberate the concise text, reasons and your reply to each example.

3. Recognize at least two reasons for your personal emotional situations at work. Classify how you can practice awareness of such reasons to regulate your responses and get affirmative results, particularly in regard to your effect on others and their performance.

4. Identify a minimum example of modeling workplace behaviors that reflect emotions’ management as an instance for others to follow.

5. Classify 3 activities you will take to develop your emotional intelligence according to self-reflection or opinion from others. Replicate on doctrines and tactics of emotional intelligence to validate your planned activities.

Task 2 (Respond to emotional intelligence case study)


Students will show the knowledge and skills required to identify and grow the emotional forces of others in the workstation.


You will be given a case study, based on that you will have to answer a set of questions.


Question 1

A. Explain what you think is the best way to respond to the Store Manager’s behavior. Define how you would model the affirmative behavior of leadership.
B. Explain the principles of emotional intelligence that the Store Manager did not determine.
C. Define how the Store Manager should have reacted and interconnected.
D. Explain the relationship between the behavior of store manager and store determination. Define what impact the Manager’s behavior could have on the performance of the store.

Question 2

A. Provide at least two examples of possible misinterpretations of expressions or behavior that may arise in the context of a diverse workforce.
B. Explain how you would define to the worker who came to your with the problem how cultural expressions may be confused.
C. Discuss how the team can raise their awareness of cultural expression and promote operative statement to evade confusion to resolve the differences.

Question 3

A. Describe how you would set aside your own emotions to focus on and identify how the employee (probably) feels. Refer to relevant principles of emotional intelligence.
B. Explain how knowledge of like learning styles, communication styles or personality types might be capable to support you relates to understanding the employee better.
C. Describe how you could use your awareness of your own feelings and those of the employee to adapt your response so that the following needs are satisfied:

Your requirements such as emotional requirements need to meet performance standards and need for team cohesiveness.
Requirements of the employee like emotional requirements need to advance and perform in a team environment.

Note: Discuss related values of emotional intelligence where suitable.

Question 4

A. Explain the connection between passionately effective persons and the achievement of business purposes.
B. Define how considering the emotional effect of decision-making into account.
C. Recognize policies, processes or legislation that will require abiding by with the aim of satisfies internal and external requirements relevant to handling emotions in the workplace.
D. Explain how OHS/WHS legislation is associated with how managers execute decisions of the business.

Task 3 (Coach emotional intelligence)


Students will show the knowledge and skills required to promote the development of emotional intelligence in other and use others and use others’ emotional strengths and weaknesses to maximize workplace outcomes.


Students will respond to a simulated workplace scenario by planning and participate in a workplace coaching role-play.

1. Read the role-play scenario in Appendix 1.

2. Plan to lead a role-played coaching session with an underperforming employee (with your assessor acting as Pat) in response to the scenario. Use the Coaching Planner Template in Appendix 2.

3. Arrange time and place with your assessor to perform your coaching role-play.

4. Perform your role-play in accordance with the specifications set out below.