BSBITU402 Develop and Use Complex Spread Sheets

BSBITU402 Develop and Use Complex Spread Sheets

BSBITU402 Develop and Use Complex Spread Sheets

This information will be very useful for the students who are pursuing the Diploma in Leadership & Management. 

In this assessment, students will develop the skills and knowledge to use spreadsheet software to complete different business tasks.

It includes details of your assessment works and the instructions for you to be able to complete this project.

Unit sector

Information and Communication Technology – IT use

There are four tasks in this assessment.

Task no.

Method Assessment

Task 1

Case Study and demonstration and role-playing

Task 2


Task 3

Project (Investments)

Task 4

Written Questions

Students must demonstrate competency in this unit to complete this assessment correctly.



Students are required to show the knowledge and skills of use of a computer at your workplace with the full competency of agronomics to enhance and use complex spreadsheets.

You need to prepare to make excel spreadsheets to manage the business needs of covers books. Students are required to set up their workplace according to ergonomic contemplations, the hands-on layout of compulsory documents and resource management requirements. You also need to answer the questions on legislative knowledge, organizational and task needs.

1. Set up your workplace, desk according to ergonomic considerations, the practical layout of necessary documents and occupational health & safety requirements.

2. Role-playing

Liaise with your trainer and demonstrate

(a) Two exercises that you can take on to decrease the hazard of injury when operating a computer. Describe how often you would mention the exercises which are done.

3. Explain two extra ways that you could keep resources at Covers Books by using provided information.

4. Identify the task needs by undertaking the different given tasks using provided information:

(a) Recognise minimum two spreadsheets Covers Books are likely to need.
(b) Briefly, describe the objective or use of each spreadsheet.

5. Where and how would you advise that your stockpile the business documents? Confirm that you contain both the hard and soft storage suggestions and data back-up options in your answer.

6. Describe how each of the following may impact business operations at Covers Books:

(a) Privacy laws
(b) Ethical principles
(c) Occupational health and safety laws and regulations



Students must show the skills and knowledge that required to develop associated spreadsheets, automate and normalize spreadsheet operations and use spreadsheets deliverable specifications.

1. In this task, you will be provided with a Scenario, based on that scenario you have to automate the classification of the employees.

2. You will then require making a template according to the scenario.

3. Use the template you created in the previous step to open a new payroll sheet and enter the provided information.



In this task, students must show the skills, knowledge, and ability to prepare, develop and use an excel spreadsheet that contains automated and normalize spreadsheet options. You will also need to represent numerical data in graphical form by the use of spreadsheet data.



The students must demonstrate the skills and knowledge need to make, develop and use an excel spreadsheet.

In this last task, students will have to answer a series of questions. You are required to have sufficient knowledge to complete this task.

1. Define the difference between a formula and a function explaining where you can use each, how you can check them, and their use in an associated spreadsheet. Use specific examples. (20-40 words)

2. Describe the following and where you would use them:

(a) Macro.
(b) Template.

3. What are the things you required to consider when designing a spreadsheet and how do you apply them to spreadsheet design? (25-50 words)

4. Describe chart selection and give an overview of the chart creation process in Excel. (10-50 words)

5. What is ergonomics and how does it relevant to health & safety when using computers? (50-100 words)

Students are advised to read these instructions cautiously to complete this assessment effectively and obtain good grades.