BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change Paper Editing Services

BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change

BSBINN601 Lead and Manage Organisational Change Paper Editing Services

Identify change requirement is essential for an organization to develop the organization growth. Changes are must to maintain the business growth level and analysis the business strategy.

Task 1

Identify change requirements

Assessment Description

In this task, the students will identify strategic change needs, review existing policy, and analysis the external environment that impacts on the organisation‘s objective. Identify the prioritize of change requirements and opportunities. The student will then write a report to management outlining the change requirements.

Performance objective

The student will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to identify change

Requirements for an organization.


1. Strategic Change Needs:

Analyse the organizational objectives provided in the scenario to identify the change requirements for Fast Track Couriers:

a. Identify requirements for change

b. prepare an explanation of how your identified change needs the link to the organization’s strategic plan goal/s.

2. Change in Policies & Procedure:

Review the organization’s current state to understand how the current policies, practices, and operations deliver against the organization’s strategic goals.

3.Performance Gaps:

Review the organization’s performance against objectives with regards to its:

a. people
b.  processes
c.  technology
d.  structure.

4.  External Environment

Monitor external trends to identify events or trends which may impact on the achievement of the organization’s strategic plan goals:

a. Identify two external trends
b. develop an explanation of how the trends currently impact or will impact

5. organizational objectives.

Major Changes Required

Identify major operational change requirements:

a. Identify changes due to performance gaps
b. Identify changes due to business opportunities
c. Identify changes due to threats
d. Identify changes due to management decisions.

Task 2

 Develop a change management strategy

A change management strategy is a plan to describe the supply chain management such as inventory requirement, project scope, and customer handle etc. It is an organized process how to design a supply management and maintain it.

Assessment Description

Students will determine the skills and knowledge essential to develop a change management strategy. The candidate will assume a cost-benefit analysis for high priority; classify the company growth study or obstacles. The student designs a change management project plan and creates a reporting process.


1. Creating a change management plan for given topic.

2. Identify the company goals and change it :

a. who/what is impacted
b. how they are impacted
c. when the impacts will be realized.

3. Undertake a cost-benefit analysis of the change requirements. Include:

a. the change requirements
b. the costs of changes
c. the possible benefits of each changed
d.  assessment of the benefits of the costs and risks. 
e. categorized changes:

feasible (F)
maybe feasible (MF)
not feasible (NF).

4.  Assume a risk examination of the change management:

a. Organise the management risk and obstacles
b. Evaluate the change management risks and obstacles. Develop the best scheme suitable for the company growth.

5. Develop a change management project plan. In order to justify your plan, include a brief explanation of the change management theory/methodology followed to embed change. Your plan must reflect theory and you must be prepared to explain to management how key elements of your plan, such as stakeholder management, communication, and education/training plans, show elements of a particular theory.

Include the following components in your plan.

A. Change Management project schedule:

a. Activities required to implement changes in people, process, technology, and structure
b. Start and finish dates of activities
c. Budget and other resources
d. Person responsible to perform those tasks

B. Communication plan:

a.  Message
b. Audience
c.  Person responsible
d.  In what way the message will be communicated [face to face, email, and newsletter].

C. Change management training plan

a.  When the preparation of strategy will occur
b.  Applicants
c.  The knowledge and skills training will provide
d.  Person Liable
e. How the training will be provided and give a knowledge of change management. [e.g. Classroom, online, on the job].

D. Shareholder management

a.  Analysis the shareholder role and responsibilities
b. Identify commitment level.
c.  Creating the consultation methods for engaging identified shareholder.

E. Define the project plan include company strategy, reporting strategy.

a. How you will measure the profit revenue.
b. How will making reports of change management and how to deliver.
c. Like the format of reports when you will be making weekly wise, monthly wise reports.

6. In conclusion, your change management plan should also contain a list of resources [tools, supplies, etc.]

7. Your project report present in a power point and to manage to take an approval or authorization for your change management system. The evaluator will approve your strategy based on your conclusion of this assessment task.

8. Provide you with all papers to your evaluator as per the requirement below. All documents are right then a save a copy for your records. These records are beneficial for company management.

Task 3

 Implement a change management strategy

Performance objective

The student will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to implement a change management strategy.


1. You have got your change management strategy developed in consultation with the inputs of relevant managers and approved by the top management.

2. You must present information to your employees in a way that (your assessor Will be observing you for this):

a. builds trust, acceptance, and confidence with your team to gain support & cooperation in this change.
b. Is positive about the transition; convey flexibility and adaptability to change.
c. Is inviting inputs to enhance communication among employees?
d. Includes various techniques or tactics to gain trust and acceptance.

3. Develop a survey to gather feedback from employees in regards to but not limited to their satisfaction, additional training requirements, management commitments toward employees, and acceptance level of employees for new changes etc.

4. Assuming that you have conducted the survey created, analysis outcome of the survey report. The Project Implementation Progress and accordingly revise the change management strategy (including but not limited to the budget, risk management, project schedule, communication and training plans).