BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning

BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning

BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning

It will very helpful for the students who are pursuing the diploma of Manage Workforce Planning.

This assessment describes the knowledge and skills that required managing strategies in the context of an organization’s workforce containing researching needs, developing goals and plans, implementing initiatives and monitoring.

Students face several difficulties while completing their assessments so they are advised to read this information and follow carefully.

This assessment has three tasks to complete.

Task 1

Research Workforce required and develop workforce planning

Task 2

Implement Actions in support of workforce planning

Task 3

Monitor and evaluate workforce planning

In Task 1, students have to prepare a workforce planning report, template and develop a communication strategy. In Task 2, students will need to make a staffing action plan and workforce planning presentation. And in Task 3, they required to do a survey of a particular organization’s climate and prepare an evaluation report. 


The student is advised to start work on their assessment of the allocation of the task and must submit by the due date.

All tasks must be completed.
You should read all instructions carefully before writing an assessment.
You may refer student resources and any other relevant resource while completing your assessment.

Students should follow these guidelines and instructions carefully to complete their assessment. It will help them to achieve higher grades in their exams.

Task 1


You need to show knowledge and skills important to research workforce requirements inside an organizational context and to develop workforce planning.


Students have to will research workforce requirements and review organizational strategic plans and prepare a report outlining proposed workforce plan to meet our organizational objectives.

Students should follow the process to successfully complete this assessment:

1. Review the organization ABC simulated business documents provided by your assessor and the scenario below.

2. Using the information provided in Appendix 1, review:

(a) Current data on staff turnover and demographics

Reasons for staff leaving

Other opportunities
Lack of opportunity
Unhealthy work culture
Lack of recognition

Women in different positions-75

(b) Projections for future workforce needs.

Staff and positions needed for the period of 2016-2017



Senior manager


Branch Manager


Line manager






3. Using appropriate sources, investigate the external environment:

(a) External factors that may affect workforce supply

Customer Base

(b) Relevant industrial relations information, such as modern awards, conditions, rights, and responsibilities of workers and management
(c) Relevant government policy.

Market Catalyst
Political Stability
Government Spending
Interest Rates

4. Using the results of your review of internal and external data and simulated business documentation, such as strategic or operational plans, develop a workforce planning report containing:

An executive summary: a short summary of the contents of the report.

A discussion of organizational need. including current and future situation with respect to workforce capability:

(a) A description of the organization’s requirements for a skilled and diverse workforce

(b) A discussion of the data you have considered an analysis of the impact on organizational objectives, including:

Internal and external labor supply predictions
External conditions, for example, government policy

(c) Recommended actions:

Your proposed objectives for the modification of the workforce and retention of the workforce in line with strategic objectives through FY 2016–17. Ensure you develop objectives for sourcing skilled labor and promoting from within by:

Developing skills and organizational capability
Retaining skilled labor
Promoting workforce diversity

5. Develop a communication strategy using the template provided in Appendix 2:

(a) Plan communication and consultation activities to be undertaken to communicate, and seek approval and endorsement for, proposed workforce planning measures from stakeholders, including:

Senior management
Line management

(b) Include in your communication strategy a broad plan to communicate implementation of the workforce plan to senior management.

Note:This communication activity will be planned in detail and undertaken in Assessment Task 2.

6. Develop a risk management and contingency plan using the template provided in Appendix 3. Assess risk and develop contingency planning for the three workforce objectives and strategies discussed in your report. At least one risk management and contingency plan must be in response to an extreme situation.

Task 2


In this task, you require showing knowledge and skills essential to implement initiatives to help workforce strategy.


You will have to develop a staffing action plan to apply long-term strategies by using the workforce planning report prepared in Task 1. Then you required applying the communication strategy prepared in Task 1 to help workforce planning objectives and facilitate organizational change.

1. Review the ABC simulated business documents provided by your assessor and the scenario below.

2. Review the staffing information in Appendix 1 for FY 2014–15.

3. Applying strategies developed in Assessment Task 1 (and documented in a report, communication strategy and contingency plan) and using the template provided in Appendix 2, prepare a staffing plan for FY2014–15.

4. Plan to deliver a presentation to senior management to explain and gain support for your workforce planning and your completed staffing action plan. Ensure your presentation:

(a) Exemplifies strategies to win support and overcome resistance to change from managers

(b) Outlines approaches to overcoming resistance to change and managing change so that managers may use these in turn among their own staff

(c) Explains the need for workforce planning with respect to:

External labor supply and characteristics
Specific present and future needs of the organization for skilled labor

(d) Explains staffing action plan and specific application of broad, longer-term strategies in the current period.

5. Arrange with your assessor to deliver your presentation.

6. Deliver your presentation and:

(a) Use effective communication skills to build support for senior management

(b) Be prepared to answer questions and defend your workforce planning, staffing action plan, and associated strategies.

Task 3


In this task, students have to show knowledge and skills that essential for monitor and evaluate the implementation of workforce planning.


Using the workforce planning, students need to develop in Task 1, you will have to monitor and evaluate the usefulness of your workforce strategies against your objectives. You need to develop an internal survey and review and examine performance data.

1. Review the ABC simulated business documents provided by your assessor and the scenario below.

2. Using the information provided in Appendix 1, review workforce trends at ABC with regard to existing employees.

3. Review the external environment for:

(a) Trends in labor supply that may affect demand
(b) Review relevant government policy
(c) Industrial relations and industrial relations legislation, including identification of relevant modern awards, conditions, and rights and responsibilities of workers and management.

4. Develop a survey to gauge organizational climate:

(a) Worker satisfaction and reasons for satisfaction levels
(b) Worker intentions to retire, exit, pursue internal and external opportunities and reasons

5. Using information gathered from steps 2 through 5 and your workforce plan strategies and objectives developed in Assessment Task 1 and implemented in Assessment Task 2, review and revise your objectives and strategies.

6. Prepare a report for senior management to:

(a) Evaluate the internal and external workforce trends and their effect on organizational objectives
(b) Build support for your recommendations. Include in your report:

An executive summary.
A discussion of internal and external data.

(c) Evaluation of the effectiveness of workforce planning and change processes against objectives and targets. Use information from Appendix 1 and refer to the objectives and targets you developed and implemented in Assessment Tasks 1 and 2.

(d) Recommendations for changes to objectives and strategies to achieve organizational objectives or, if achieved, contribute to continuous improvement. Ensure your recommendations are supported by your discussion of internal and external data.

NOTE:Here company name ABC is written for reference purpose only. Normally a real company is given in your assignments.