BSBHRM512 Develop and Manage Performance Management Processes

BSBHRM512 Develop and Manage Performance Management Processes

BSBHRM512 Develop and Manage Performance Management Processes

This information is about BSBHRM512 Develop and Manage Performance Management Processes.

It will help those students who are pursuing this course and will help them to complete their assessment. This is a diploma in human resources management. It is a summative assessment.

Students will require showing the knowledge and skills to develop integrated performance management processes.

Students face many problems while completing their assessments so they should follow these guidelines to achieve good marks.

This assessment has 4 tasks that are:

  • Task 1 -  Analyze and Plan Performance Management
  • Task  2 -  Plan, Implement and Review Performance Management
  • Task  3 -  Coordinate learning and Development Plans
  • Task 4 -   Major Project Part 3

The student should follow this format to prepare their assessment and get higher marks.

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Task 1

In this task, you have to analyze and plan performance management. This assessment has two parts part A and Part B.

Part A

In Part A you will be given a business scenario, based on that you need to analyze that particular business and make operational plans. To develop objective and processes for performance management, you need to use information from key stakeholders and then you will develop plans to implement processes.

1. Students have to review the given scenario and need to:

2. Review the XYZ simulated business information provided and analyze the organizational documents – such as strategic and operational plans – in order to understand the XYZ simulated business, including its vision and strategic objectives. Identify objectives and policies to be addressed in integrated performance management processes that you will develop for implementation.

3. Develop at least three objectives for performance management to support the XYZ organizational strategy. These objectives could address areas of performance management such as KPI setting, ongoing performance monitoring and management and performance appraisals. Record these objectives in the first table in the Performance Management Planning template provided.

4. Design a process – such as methods, a set of procedures or tools – to assist managers to develop KPIs for the employees reporting to them. Ensure that the performance management process is flexible enough to cover the range of employment situations that exist within the XYZ simulated business.

5. Arrange with your assessor to role-play consultation with two managers (a line manager and the Chief Operating Officer) to ensure objectives, and processes for developing KPIs are understood, agreeable and feasible for managers to implement.

Ensure you act during your consultation in a way designed to ensure support for your processes. Be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of the role of HR in building the organizational capability, contributing to the development of a learning organization, and achieving organizational success. Note: As a result of the consultation, you may need to amend your three objectives and your process – methods, procedures or tools – to meet the needs of various manager stakeholders.

6. Plan implementation of processes related to the objectives you have developed. You may use the Performance Management Planning template provided, to record your plan. Ensure your implementation plan includes strategies to ensure concerns of stakeholders about KPI setting and performance appraisals are addressed. Ensure you include appropriate timeframes. Your schedule should cover one financial or calendar year.

Part B

1. Prepare a 1–2 page written reflection on the activities you have undertaken during this Assessment Task to develop performance management processes and plan implementation. Ensure you explain your planning choices with respect to:

Relevance to specific organizational goals and the broader role of performance management in building organizational capability.
Characteristics of learning organizations.
Application of policies to your planning of processes.
Consideration and application of equal employment opportunity, privacy and confidentiality, diversity and anti-discrimination
policies and legislation, as relevant to performance management.
Application of grievance procedures to your planning of processes.
Discussion of design options chosen or ruled out to build organizational capability and meet the needs of the organization.

2. Submit the required documents for assessment as indicated in the table below. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Task 2

In this task, you require to plan, implement and review performance management.

This task has 3 parts.

Based on given business scenario, you are required to

Part A -In Part A, students will have to develop and implement training for those managers who are responsible for performance management.

1. Review the XYZ simulated business information provided

2. Review the following scenario.

3.Use the Learning and Development Session Plan template provided to plan training for Wollongong managers. Remember to plan objectives for the training and to monitor success against objectives (plan to conduct some form of test or evaluation of the training). Remember to plan strategies for winning the support of managers for implementing processes. You will plan a 20–30-minute session that:

a.  Briefly outlines the main features of the performance management process, such as:

Regular monitoring of performance
Identification of performance gaps
Providing feedback
Managing talent

b)  Focuses on one of these four aspects of the process and give examples, introduce tools, or demonstrate skills

c) Addresses storage of performance management documentation in accordance with recordkeeping policy

d) Allows adequate time for managers to practice and to provide feedback.

4. Deliver training, making sure to:

outline the main features of the performance management process (as listed in the previous step)
meet the needs of your learners
present information that is consistent with processes you outlined in Assessment Task 1 and consistent with XYZ policies and procedures
Use a range of facilitation methods to cater for differences in learning style. follow the timeframe you outlined in the session plan.

Part B-In Part B students will have to answer email questions.

1. Review the following scenario:

2. Write an email to Manager to:

outline positive approaches to giving feedback and coaching
outline appropriate intervention options
outline a process for dispute resolution
outline the process for terminating the employee in case intervention is unsuccessful
Outline the process for recordkeeping to ensure adherence to policies and legislative requirements.

Ensure you refer to any relevant policies and legislation, including specific reference to anti-discrimination, privacy, and industrial relations legislation.

Part C– In part c you have provided a written reflection to evaluate the electiveness of the performance management.

1. Prepare a written reflection in which you:

evaluate your performance
evaluate the effectiveness of existing performance management processes, particularly in terms of:
          The level of guidance for dealing with underperforming staff
          Their ability to help managers achieve the short- and long-term strategic aims of the organization.

Recommend timeframes for regular evaluation of performance management processes.

Remember to evaluate processes in light of your knowledge of the characteristics of learning organizations and the broader role of XYZ in achieving business objectives.

 2. Submit the required documents for assessment as indicated in the table below. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.  

Task 3

In this assessment, you require evaluating the effectiveness of previous development activities and you will coordinate learning and develop plans.

1. You have to review the given scenario

2. Review the performance data in the Performance Data template of this assessment task.

3. Review the XYZ simulated business information provided.

4. Prepare a 1–2-page report for the senior management team detailing:

Training outcomes

Your interpretation of the performance data

Interventions you will undertake to rectify issues

Support your planned interventions with reference to XYZ as a learning organization and addressing performance gaps to achieve specific organizational objectives and broader long-term goals.

5. Using the Training strategy and schedule template supplied, develop a training strategy and schedule to be used by Train Your Way Up to deliver future training. Take particular care to include activities to ensure that line managers monitor the employee’s application of sales training. Prepare to discuss strategies in negotiations with training supplier (your assessor), in order to incorporate these into a revised agreement.

6. Arrange with your assessor to renegotiate service agreement with training supplier.

7. Renegotiate training agreement with training supplier. Using the previously negotiated agreement provided in Service Agreement template supplied and your planned training strategy and schedule (which you completed in step 5) as a basis, renegotiate the agreement with the supplier. Ensure you modify the agreement in the Service Agreement and include a schedule for monitoring against objectives.

8. Consider the following negotiation information:

Task 4

Students must fulfill the requirement of the diploma of human resources management, in which you complete a major project using the given particular business. This virtual business has been specially designed for the major project and set up a previous business that you may have used for other activities.

Note: Here the XYZ company name is written for reference purpose only. In your assignments, a real company name is given.