BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

BSBHRM506 Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Process

This assessment defines the knowledge and skills needed to manage all parts of recruitment, selection and induction processes according to the organizational procedures and policies.

Here you will find useful information to which help you to complete your assessment.

There are 3 tasks in this assessment.

Task 1 – Roleplay

Task 2 – portfolio of Activities

Task 3 – Case Study

Task 1



In this assessment task, you will show your ability to develop recruitment and selection policies and procedures in according to an organizational plan.


Students will analyze a case study and develop a set of recruitment and selection policies and procedures.


1. Review the given case study information.

2. You have to read the XYZ recruitment and selection policy.

3. Analyse the XYZ recruitment and selection policy and procedures comparing each area for each procedure against the XYZ Recruitment and Selection Policy and relevant legislation.

4. Identify key areas for each procedure that need revising because they are:

a. Contrary to policy
b. Outdated compared to current research and practice.
c. Do not comply with current legislation.

5. Develop a recruitment and selection policy and set of procedures, including checklists, that complies with organizational, legal and policy requirements. Develop procedures for:

a. Position Descriptions
b. Reference checks.
c. Interview preparation.
d. Vacant position analyses
e. Job offer

6. Develop a draft communication plan for the organization using appropriate media and including managers and other staff who need to be informed of new policy and process.

7. Arrange a time and place to meet with your assessor to:

a. Present policies and procedures
b. Obtain support
c. Consult on the suitability of the policy and procedures for the business.
d. Deliberate methods of using technology to increase proficiency and effectiveness of recruitment and selection process.
e. Consult on the procedure for calculating salaries and benefits.
f. Discuss communication
g. Arrange for training of others

8. Answer the following questions.

a. Describe recruitment and selection ways, with assessment centers
b. Explain the concept of outsourcing.
c. Define the purpose of employee contracts and industrial relations.
d. Summaries relevant legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice that may affect recruitment, selection, and induction.
e. Explain why terms and conditions of employment are an important aspect of recruitment.
f. Explain the relevance of psychometric and skills testing programs to recruitment.

Task 2

Portfolio of Activities


Students will show your ability to recruit and select staff.


In this assessment task, you will plan to recruit and select staff at your organization with which you are familiar or an organization approved by your assessor. In accordance with the organization, you will need to recruit and induct staff with internal and external requirements.


 Part A

Plan staffing

1. Analysis key stakeholders and identify the HR needs of the business for the next 12 months. Gather evidence of consultation including meeting agendas and emails.

2. Develop and review the organization’s human resources capability or staffing plan to address the HR needs of the organization and have the plan approved by the relevant senior manager or as per organizational procedures.

3. Develop job descriptions, with position descriptors and specifications.

4. Recognize at least one specialist who may be able to help in the recruitment and selection process.

5. Agree a time and place meet with your assessor. Prepare to discuss:

a. The staffing plan and external and internal requirements.
b. Your planned use of specialists who may assist you.
c.  How you will make sure correct use by managers of position descriptions
d. Your role in the recruitment and selection process.

Part B

Conduct recruitment and selection process

1. Develop an action plan for recruitment and selection in accordance with the HR staffing plan, with training, advertising.

2. Assess the need for and provide training or other forms of support. Collect evidence of conducting or providing training or support.

3. Conduct advertising in accordance with planning. Collect evidence such as screen captures of online advertising.

4. Conduct recruitment and selection in accordance with planning and external and internal requirements:

a. Conduct or oversee interviews
b. Advice candidates for outcomes
c. Execute job offers and contracts of employment.

Task 3

Case Study

Students must show their ability to manage an induction process.


1. Conduct research on induction process and program content within your industry and workplace.

2. The draft policy statement, objectives, program outline, procedures, and documents for each stage of induction process that suit the organization and comply with related legislation.

a. Consult related workplace personnel and for feedback on guidelines.
b. Edit and refine guidelines
c. Ensure all sources are referenced correctly.
d. Write final copy of guideline

3. Induct staff using your guidelines or following related organizational policies and procedures ensure you:

a. Provide accesses to training and ongoing support for all persons involved in staff induction.
b. Check induction procedure are followed across the organization.
c. Monitor
d. Obtain feedback on extent induction process is meeting its objectives

Note:  Here company name XYZ is written for reference purpose only. Normally a real company is given in your assignments.