BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment Selection and Induction of Staff

BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment Selection and Induction of Staff

BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment Selection and Induction of Staff

Plan for recruitment

Recruitment is a process to hire a correct candidate, suitable for a job profile, judge the work abilities and check the work performance level.  HR take an interview round of many people choose a correct application for a particular job profile.

Assessment Description

There are three tasks recruitment process, selection task, and induction staff. The recruitment process is essential for the organization development. You will prepare the recruitment and selection process.

Task 1

Procedure of the recruitment

1. Identify the role requirements for the position of café manager.

Prepare a recruitment schedule for hiring a correct candidate in an organization.
Human resource function and personnel required to complete recruitment

3. Develop a job description and write a job advertisement for the position of café manager. Create an interview guide to explain the selection process, the interview guide must classify the selection panel and contain 5 question which evaluates the related selection criteria identified from the consultation notes.

4. The five questions should cover the following categories:

work history (two questions)
education and training (one question)
personality, motivation and character (two questions).

5. Seek approval from Emma Belcastran (your assessor) and make necessary amendments as required by Emma to the:

Recruitment schedule
Job advertisement
Interview guide
Position description

6. Submit all documents and keep copies of employer records. HR searching the best candidate for the company. Candidate skill is helpful for the organization growth. He wants at least three years’ experience.

7. Employee Must be extremely motivated and hard worker

8. Excellent communication skills and catching power skills

9. Good organizational skill.

Task 2

Selection process

1. At the time of the interview, conduct two interviews with your judger. Each interview round should take 10 to 20 minutes. During interview ensure that you

Take part in asking question
Write down the applicant’s responses, after that the organization judges’ employee responses, views and thought to process.
Maintain the applicant the contact details, qualification, applicant salary expectation record it. It helps in to choose a correct application for a particular job seat.
Advice candidates for the next steps as the interview come to a close.

2. Make a select candidate description and human resource check an employee reference, send an offer letter by email.  HR asked a questionnaire to the applicant about previous company work, work performance, discuss incentive matter. Candidate report defines the applicant interest, hobbies, work performance.

The candidate's hire period with the previous employer
Describe job responsibility
When you leaving the company then give me proper reason
Issues impacting job performance
Jude the employee ability to control the conflict, work pressure etc.
Jude the applicant’s strength and weakness. HR hires an applicant based on their task performance in their previous office.

3. In this part, you will work individually to contact referees and prepare a selection report.

the applicant’s employment period with the previous employer
the applicant’s reason for leaving the company
the applicant’s job responsibilities
issues impacting job performance
if the applicant supervised other employees
if the applicant showed an ability to handle conflict
what the applicant’s strengths and weakness are, based on their performance in their previous role.

4. Write a selection report that recommends an applicant for selection. In your report, include:

the names of the members of your selection panel
a summary of the process to identify the two strongest applicants for the role.
a summary of how you negotiated with the selection panel to agree on the two applicants to be interviewed
a summary of the process  to decide on the questions to be used in the interviews, including how the selection panel ensured that interview questions comply with relevant legislation
a description of your role in assisting to ensure that interview questions comply with legislative requirements
a description of your role in interviewing the applicant
a summary of how the panel came to a consensus regarding your selected applicant
why you recommended your selected applicant; identifying why they are suitable for the role.
Submit all documentation as per specifications below. Keep copies for your records.

Task 3

Support the induction of staff

This task you will support the recruitment process, This task is a selection process task, to choose for a seat and describe a job profile work the applicant.

Fill the employee contract detail. It is mandatory for the organization.
Need an offer letter to email or hard copy. Additional documentation required to decide the task.
Briefly, explain the unsuccessful interview and using the policies and procedures.
Using an employee Email addresses for appointment purpose and follow the organization policies.
Arrange a hiring applicant names and describe the job responsibility to each every applicant.