BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment Selection and Induction of Staff

BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment Selection and Induction of Staff

BSBHRM405 Support the Recruitment Selection and Induction of Staff

Plan for recruitment

Recruitment is a process to hire a correct candidate, suitable for a job profile, judge the work abilities and check the work performance level.  HR take an interview round of many people choose a correct application for a particular job profile.

Assessment Description

There are three tasks recruitment process, selection task, and induction staff. The recruitment process is essential for the organization development. You will prepare the recruitment and selection process.

Task 1

Q1.Briefly describe the concept of the Human Resources Life Cycle.

Q2.List the 5 main stages of the Human Resource Life Cycle?

Q3.List three items you would need to identify about a position if undertaking a job analysis?

Q4.What is the purpose of a person specification?

Q5.Name at least three Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws that should be considered when advertising for a position.

Q6.Briefly describe the objectives of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

Q7.Read the following interview questions and indicate whether it is behavioural (B) or situational (S)

a. Tell me about a time when you had too many things to do and you were required to prioritize your tasks

b. Can you provide some examples of instances when you've discovered errors in your work or someone else's?

c. If you know your boss is 100% wrong about something, how would you handle this?

d. Describe how you would handle the situation if you met resistance when introducing a new idea or policy to a team or work group.

Q8.List three interview questions that could be considered discriminatory?

interviewQ9.List five methods that can be used to advertise a position?

Q10.When constructing a job advertisement, what type of information should be included? List at least five points.

Q11.Discuss at least three effective interviewing techniques. You should discuss each technique in at least 2 – 3 sentences.

Q12.List three of the most commonly used selection techniques.

Q13.Discuss in approximately a paragraph why recruitment decisions should not be based on one selection method alone.

Q14.  Identify the role requirements for the position of café manager.

Q15. Prepare a recruitment schedule for hiring a correct candidate in an organization. Human resource function and personnel required to complete recruitmenT.

Q16. Develop a job description and write a job advertisement for the position of café manager. Create an interview guide to explain the selection process, the interview guide must classify the selection panel and contain 5 question which evaluates the related selection criteria identified from the consultation notes.

Q17. The five questions should cover the following categories:

a. work history (two questions)

b. education and training (one question)

c. personality, motivation and character (two questions).

Q17. Seek approval from Emma Belcastran (your assessor) and make necessary amendments as required by Emma to the:

a. Recruitment schedule

b. Job advertisement

c. Interview guide

d. Position description

Q18. Submit all documents and keep copies of employer records. HR searching the best candidate for the company. Candidate skill is helpful for the organization growth. He wants at least three years’ experience.

Assessment procedure

1. Employee Must be extremely motivated and hard worker

2. Excellent communication skills and catching power skills

3. Good organizational skill.

Task 2

In this task, you are required to complete a series of tasks related with the recruitment of Human Resources Advisor for the ABC University. This includes:

a. Development of a position description

b. Development of a job advertisement

c. Development of interview questions

d. Assisted shortlisted candidates

e. Preparation of schedule for interviews.


You are a Human Resource Officer at ABC University. He has been dicussing the intention of the university in order to growth the human resourec personnel dut to teh large number of staff employed in the university by focusing on highly skilled and knowledgebale HR department. Due to this, the Manager has suggested that need of employment that required teh recruitmnet, induction and selection of the staff member. The HR manager has advised that this position should be advertised both externally and interanlly.

Human ResourceQ1.Develop a position description for the role of Human Resources Advisor.

Q2.Email the position description to your assessor in the role of Human Resources Manager. Your email should seek approval to proceed with the recruitment for the position based on the supplied position description and seek advice on timelines for advertising and filling of the position.

Q3.Following organisational policy on relevant legislation for EEO and anti-discrimination as indicated in the guidelines for advertising in the Recruitment and Selection Policy, design an advertisement for an externally advertised position, as well as an advertisement for an internally advertised position. Ensure the advert contains all the relevant information and that it is designed to gain attention, generate interest, explain benefits, and target appropriate candidates.

Q4.Email the advertisement to your assessor in the role of the Human Resources Manager.  In your email you should indicate where the advertisement should be placed in order to source external candidates.   Your recommendations should be based on the Recruitment and Selection Policy requirements.  You must provide at least two possible sources. You should provide a clear rationale for using these sources, as well as details of the costs associated.

Q5.Develop at least 10 interview questions to find out as much as you can about the candidate in relation to the job role as follows:

a. Ensure the questions obtain information that can be used to assess the applicant’s suitability against the selection criteria and position description.

b. Use open, closed, situation and behavioural questions

c. Ensure questions do not result in bias or discrimination.

Q6.When you have completed the interview questions, send them in an email to your assessor who will assess them according to whether they meet the criteria above.

Q7.You should also confirm who will be included on the selection panel as per the Recruitment, Selection and Induction policy.

Q8.Shortlist the candidates in accordance with the shortlisting guidelines in the Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure and the position description.

Q9.Review the candidate details below and assess which candidates should be shortlisted for the position based on the position requirements.

Q10.When you have completed the shortlist, send an email to your Manager in the role of the Human Resources Manager indicating which candidates you believe should be included in the short list and your reasons for this.

Description of candiadtes applying for the role

Note – This is just for the reference part only

Carol– He has done Bachelor in Business from 2000. He has worked as a HR Officer between 1998 to 2002 but since then stay at home mum. He has now wished to return to the workforce.

Bob– He has done Masters of Human Resource Management and wokring as a Taxi Driver from last 10 years. His application defines that he is not able to get the job of HR, hence why he has been driving taxis.

Anne– She is working as a Event Officer at a Institute from last 10 years and managing a range of huam resource conferences and workshops. She wanted to move into teh role of HR. She has done Bachelor of Business in Human Resource.

Reita– She is a HR Officer in a large bank. She has done Diploma of Human Resource Management and has recently managed the introduction of a new perfromance appraisal system.

Samiya– He has recently moved from Brisbane to Sydney and looking for a job. She was working with a University as a HR Manager since 2 years. Teh resign behind the resignation is the change in location. She has done Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management.

Q11.Develop a schedule for the interview by selecting a day and time for the interview (this should reflect the date that you will conduct the role-play interview in the next assessment task).  Develop a letter for each candidate that indicates that they have been selected for interview and of the date, time and location of their interview, as well as who will conduct the interview (yourself and the Human Resources Manager).

Q12.Email the letters to your assessor in the role of Human Resources Manager.

Task 3

Support the induction of staff

This task you will support the recruitment process, This task is a selection process task, to choose for a seat and describe a job profile work the applicant.

1. Fill the employee contract detail. It is mandatory for the organization.

2. Need an offer letter to email or hard copy. Additional documentation required to decide the task.

3. Briefly, explain the unsuccessful interview and using the policies and procedures.

4. Using an employee Email addresses for appointment purpose and follow the organization policies.

5. Arrange a hiring applicant names and describe the job responsibility to each every applicant.

In this task, you are required to participate in an interview role-play by completing the required documentation for the submission. You can refer Task 2 for the information to complete this assignment. After the interview, you are required to participate in the role-play by obtaining referees report. Also, you need to prepare at least five questions that you could ask a referee about a candidate. You have to make the arrangement for the induction and appointment of the candidate.


Suppose that three candidates are selected for the interview and you are asked by your HR Manager to participate in the interview and asked the questions created by you in Assessment Task 2. The Manager has to role-play the Human Resource Manager and arrange three students among the short-listed candidates who can perform the role-play. In this, the Manager can assist you to prepare for the interview.

Prior to the interview, you are required to set up the interview space that looks like professional interview. You have to ask the prepared questions.

Q1. During the interview, demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills including:

a. Speaking clearly and concisely

b. Asking questions as required to identify required information

c. Responding to questions

d. Using active listening techniques to confirm or clarify information

e. Non-verbal communication skills to show interest and encouragement, including smiling, nodding, eye contact.

Q2.At the interview:

a. Introduce self

b. Ask questions as per the identified and prepared interview questions.

c. Ask further questions as required based on the candidate’s response.

d. Listen carefully to the candidate’s responses and make notes

e. Farewell the candidate and thank them for their interest in attending.

Q3.After the interview:

a. Discuss assessment of candidates with the HR Manager based on responses provided in the interview and according to selection criteria.

b. Identify and discuss preferred candidate and reasons for this.

Q4.Obtain referee reports by participating in a role play with your assessor playing the referee for the selected candidate.  Ask the assessor at least 5 questions that confirm the candidate’s details and their suitability for the position.

Q5.Complete the selection report template provided by your assessor and send it via email to the CEO (Manager) referring to the position recruited and attaching the selection report.

Q6.Develop and send letters to unsuccessful candidates advising them that they have not been selected. Send these letters to your assessor via email.

Q7.Respond in writing to the following enquiry according to the Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy or own organisation’s procedures:

Dear Human Resources Officer, I was very disappointed not to have been selected for the position of Human Resources Advisor and do not understand why as I believe I have all of the required skills and knowledge. Can you explain why I did not get the position? Kind Regards, X

Q8.Develop the Letter of offer to the successful candidate by completing the template provided or use your own organisation’s template.

Q9.Develop and send email to the CEO (your assessor) and your work team advising them of the new appointment including name of the person and starting date (you can make these details up).

Q10.An email to the pay department (your assessor) indicating the date that the new employee is starting and asking them to make the necessary arrangements with the new employee.

Q11.An email to the new employee (your assessor) indicating that they will be required to participate in an induction, the purpose of the induction, as well as the date and time of the induction.

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