BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Paper Editing Services

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service

BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service Paper Editing Services

Students will get important information regarding their assessments.

This assessment will develop your knowledge and skills that required developing strategies to arrange organizational systems that certify products are delivered and sustained to values agreed by the organization.

Students have to complete three tasks to complete this assessment. In Task 1, you will need to make a customer service strategy and a short reflection.

In Task 2, you need to write a customer service report & email and participate in a role-play.

And, in Task 3, you will need to prepare a questionnaire and a report.

Students should read following instructions carefully to get higher marks in their assessments.

Task 1


Students will show the skills to organize to fulfill customer needs through the enhancement of the customer service plan.


Students will need to prepare a customer service strategy for the replicated business. You’ll collect the information on the replicated business and information about advanced widgets that you may have formed during completing learning activities.


1. Based on your gathered information, make a customer service plan for advanced widgets. Using the provided template develop the customer service plan. Including:

(a) Mission and vision statements, discuss advanced and inventive widgets establishment of consumer service.
(b) Make a list of internal and external client categories and their requirements.
(c) Product values that include:

Pricing dimensions
Minimum safety requirements

(d) Procedures and policies for:

Collecting information of customers and leading market research to classify customer requirements by the use of RATER model.
Managing records and data
Responding to customer complaints.

2. Develop a short reflection on your plan and how it will work to get superior customer service and authorized acquiescence and how your idea continues with voluntary standards best models. In this reflection, you also required précising public associations and promotion of a product that is suitable for inventive Widgets.

Task 2


Students will show the skill to make sure delivery of worth service through regulating customer problems, observing the performance of the team, and examining to enhance team abilities to overawed complications to provide customer service.


Students will be provided with a scenario, based on that state customer service problems through:

(a) Observing  team  performance to classify reasons for customer service underperformances
(b) Train an underperforming customer service employee in a role-play
(c) Addressing a multifaceted customer complaint.


Part A

1. Review the information about Innovative Widgets that you gathered in Assessment Task 1.

2. Read the scenario provided in Appendix 1 of this task.

3. Review the call data of customer service in Appendix 2 and examine data to classify potential origins of customer service underperformances.

4. Write a brief report to the innovative Widgets board to:

(a) Concise team performance consumer service.
(b) Classify options to address the issue/s.
(c) Classify probable reasons for customer service shortfalls.

5. Follow provided customer service policy and processes to draft an email to given company to get to the bottom of the understanding and address their worries. Your customer support must be constant with values of consumer service start out in the customer service plan and advanced Widgets business plan you grow in Task 1.

Part B

1. Prepare to take part in a role-play. You need to make to:

(a) Run organized training sessions.
(b) Explain the policy and processes to manage customer complaints.
(c) Plan methods for dealing with different kinds of clients according to their requirements.
(d) Describe methods for resolving complaints of customers.
(e) File the coaching session and its results according to recordkeeping policy and processes settled in Task 1.

2. Arrange a time with the assessor to complete the coaching role-play and training role-play.

Task 3


Students will show the skill to observe and review customer service.


Students will need to make plans to observe growth and attain feedback from customers. You will use given information and feedback from customers provided to analyze consumer service strategies and make a report with recommendations for enhancement.


You will be given a scenario and based on that scenario you will need to answer the following questions:

1. You will be given a scenario and based on that scenario you will need to answer the following questions:

(a) Develop a set of KPIs for Innovative Widgets customer service representatives. KPIs should address the areas of customer and business requirements identified below:
(b) Following organizational processes
(c) Call/inquiry/complaint handling time
(d) Classifying concerns and prospects for customers to develop customer contentment or come across customer requirements.
(e) Helping members of the team to advance customer service
(f) Helping other internal customers of customer service team
(g) Sales
(h) Customer preservation
(i) Skill to record and store customer information
(j) Customer contentment

2. Develop a plan or procedure for monitoring team members’ performance against KPIs.

3. Develop a questionnaire to gather feedback from customers related to KPIs and premeditated to uncover recognizable breaks between provided services and customer expectations.

4. Discuss problems and probable resolutions with your manager.

5. Evaluate customer feedback performance data to recognize universal customer service trends and issues.

6. Write a report of 1-2 pages for the management of inventive Widgets including recommendations for organization-wide consumer service enhancement. The report should have:

(a) 3-4 recommendations. Minimum 1 recommendation should address how to develop public associations with innovative Widgets.
(b) A logic for each recommendation on behalf of your knowledge of:

Managing quality customer service delivery
Problem identification and resolution
Managing customer service and relationships
Acquiring proper technology to address customer requirements.