BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design and Development

This information is helpful for those students who are pursuing Diploma in Business.

This assessment defines the knowledge and skills needed to establish criteria for the plan and production of organizational documents and to organize document plan and production procedures to ensure agreed criteria are met.

This assessment has 3 tasks.


Task 1


In this assessment task, you have to show your knowledge and skills needed to recognize and establish document criteria in an organizational framework.


The student will answer and submit written an answer to four questions related to a given simulated business scenario and case study.

You have to answer the following questions based on the given scenario.

Question 1

You will need to recognize organizational requirements. Identify:

A. the first requirement for an information record
B. second requirements for file naming and file storage
C. For document production and design, you have 2 requirements quality or output.
D. Requirements of two compliance – clarify how the existing business ensure compliance with legislation and recognize and describe one practice code or standard related to document production for the probable development process.

Question 2

Appraise business current and upcoming information on technical competency to fulfil document production and design requirements.

A. With respect to human source ability, where are the skills breaks that exist currently within the management team?
B. How the skills breaks could be shut in keeping with organizational practices.
C. What upcoming IT capability requires could the industry have with respect to document plan and production within the next two-five years? Classify 1 basis of information or outsider advice you have used to support you create this appraisal.
D. What alterations might be needed to the given business guide and processes to take the description of expected changes in technology?

Question 3

Mentioning to the given business guide & processes, recognize 3 sorts of documents used and needed by the organization.

Question 4

Make a short process (a) a frame letter mail out (b) design report of expenses. Make sure your procedures:

A. You have to follow general style needs of the specified business, with minimum 2 references to the style guide or process.
B. Observe information, technology and budget needs outlined in the given scenario.

Task 2


In assessment 2, you have to show knowledge and skills needed to plan and improve templates and improve standard documents writing in an organizational framework.


In this task, you will consume the replicated given business scenario and case study to design and plan templates and regular text documentation of 2 types of business in according to style guidelines and business needs. You have to deposit templates for feedback to others, and then you will develop & redeposit your last templates. You also need to make a written reflection in which you will show the skill of the document creation procedure.


1. You have to read the given scenario.

2. According to the given scenario and provided business documentation, analyze the purpose, information and audience requirements for an expense report and a letter template.

3. Make a draft letter template, including normal text, that:

A. For normal text, tone, and style you have to meet scenario needs with audience and information.
B. Follows the given business guide
C. You have to include one appropriate editing macro.

4. Make a draft expenses report template that:

A.Meet organizational needs set out in the given scenario.
B. To increase the usability of the expenses report template you have to include at least one appropriate macro.
C. Contains one extra quality like drop-down lists or from fields to other automates or standardize document creation.

5. Make a challenging plan in accordance with the agreed timeframe.

6. Arrange two test with colleague learners and gather written a response to templates.

7. Develop improvements to the two templates to integrate feedback.

8. Prepare a Written reflection in which you define the procedure you take on to plan & design normal text for the expense report and letter template. Make sure you contain an explanation of how you:

A. Unified organizational & listeners requirements into your templates.
B. Appraised, selected and evaluated technology & composite technical tasks for use in systematizing document creation, similar document needs with software tasks.   
C. Look over and selected document plans and plan in accordance with organizational house style needs.

Task 3


In this task, you will show knowledge and skills needed to plan and execute approaches for the use of normal documentation & for constant development of normal documentation inside an organizational framework.


In this assessment, you will design and provide a short coaching period for existing staff with new templates. You have to observe the success of the performance & training of the management team and present discover in a written assessment report.


This assessment process has two parts.

Part A

You have to read the given scenario and answer the following questions.

1. Scrutinize team capability and team performance.

2. Develop a brief coaching session on the use of the template of a letter that you have established in assessment task 2:

A. Plan clarifying notes for the templates for use by staff as job services and for session supply.  

a. Put on the style guide when using macros & templates.
b. When designing and formatting, you have to consider facets of contexts, purpose, and audience.
c. You have to name the document and storage needs.

B.Make a session plan for 10-20 minutes, which consist of planning for:

a. Explaining and introducing the templates and how it conforms to needs of organizations.
b. Representing functions
c. Permitting practice and questions and given that feedback on performance.

3. Provide the training. Confirm you:

a. To describe qualities you have to use communication skills.
b. You have to pay attention to the applying the style guide in using the templates.
c. You have to monitor your session strategy to present, exhibit, permit the trainee opportunity to practice, give a response and then assess the trainee.

Part - B

1. Plan an appraisal report on the state of document strategy and production at given business. your report must include:

A.Information on presentation skills, performance and perceived assessment in the role play training session, you have to make sure to compare criteria for document production, with performance target, identify gaps and actual skills.

B. 3 recommendations for continuous improvement, skill gaps and closing performance related to your analysis of actual skills and performance info given in scenario and investigation undertook to make sure you:

a. To close gaps you have to include technical needs and develop processes with respect to template use
b. Consist of training requirements with respect to technical functions.
c. To support implementation and recommendations you have to changes to policies, style guide, and procedures
d. Consist of a summary plan of including all activities to implement alterations over the financial year.