BSBADM504 Plan and Implement Administrative System

BSBADM504 Plan and Implement Administrative System

BSBADM504 Plan and Implement Administrative System

The Students who are studying the diploma of business will get find important information for completing their assessment.

This assessment defines the knowledge and skills essential to plan for or review the needs of operative administrative systems and processes for monitoring, implementing and reviewing the system.

This assessment has two tasks:

1. Task 1 – portfolio of activities

2.  Task 2 – Report

Task 1


In this assessment, you have to show knowledge and skills needed to plan or review administrative system and implement modified or new administrative system.


Within a simulated or real business context, you have to plan a new administrative system or review a current system. You will need to:

a. You have to consult with stakeholders and users to plan a complete description of the revised or new method, which must meet both organizational and external
b.The requirement like codes of legislation and practice.
c. You have to follow organizational gaining policies to choose an appropriate supplier and developer.
d.You have to prepare plans for the execution of the system, with communication, risk management, and training activities.


1. In discussion with your nominate, assessor (a) a suitable workplace situation (b) administrative systems project to take on to meet assessment necessities set out in this document.

2. In discussion with stakeholders & users, create the prerequisite for, and classify the requirements of, modify and new administrative system. System needs or consideration may contain, for example:

Number and type of user
Size of the system
Features and capability
Cost constraint
Purpose and nature of system

You have to consider the whole objective of the system and at least options of 2 systems or substitute version of the system proficient in sustaining organizational requirements.

3.  You have to obtain a quotation from developer or supplier in according to the appropriate organizational procedures and policies to submit to your assessor.

4. You have to use a suitable method to choose suitable developers or suppliers.

5.  Consult with your organizational stakeholders and staff to decide implementation strategies.

6.  You have to make a detailed implementation plan. Your plan should be reliable with providing requirements for the system decided in discussion with others. In this plan you have to include following implementation activities:

Communication to introduce system or procedures
Training and skills assessment.

7. Develop written procedures for the use of the system. Include instructions for at least one troubleshooting or alternative procedure, for instance, instructions on what to do if the system goes offline or malfunctions.

8. Develop a communication in accordance with your implementations plan, to introduce the new system and procedures to staff. Ensure you use communications skills and appropriate language to explain the purpose of the new system, win support and encourage staff to participate in all stages of the implementation.

9. You have to deliver training and support for staff. Select one of the following two options according to with your execution plan.

a. Organize an assessment of skills to identify staff training requirements. Determine the skills needed by staff to use the system and what skills they need for training gather evidence of the skills assessments.

10. Make a plan for risk management. Your plan includes a list of risks to effective execution such as:

Need for modifications
Lack of training
Loss of productivity
Lack of confidence

Task 2


In this assessment, you have to show knowledge and skills needed to monitor an administrative system.


In this task, you have to monitor the operation and implementations of an administrative system. You need to modify the system as needed. You have to communicate notifications and address training needs for the system. You have to prepare project report issues and solutions with required training activities and modification.


1. Following on from task 1, or using a new real or simulated business environment, monitor a revised or new administrative system for usages, output and security.

aYou have to enhance system performance standards or use established standards to observe performance for a particular period against.
bUsages guidelines, such as secure and safe procedure, that can be used as a slandered of defining.

2. You have to use observing and research skills to define the performance of the administrative system and its users and classify changing requirements of the business. Changing requirements may include:

Change in technology
Change in size of the system
Change in user requirement

3. Make a monitoring report containing:

a. The monitoring data:with charts and graphs
b. An analysis of the observing data and research according to changing business requirements.
c. Recommendations and supporting evidence for amendments would be the best to execute, you have to commendation should report a changing business need.

4. Make a conversation to exist users drawing changes to the system or processes.

5. Make an induction plan for new staff replicating lessons knowledgeable from execution and observing of the administrative system.

  1. The skills required to perform the relevant administrative task.
  2. A pathway for learning these skills using an appropriate mode of delivery.
  3. A training session plan, including information on relevant timing and activities for the session, such as introduction to the procedure, practice and approaches and testing of procedural ability.