BSB07DIP0040 Management Principles Proof Reading Services

BSB07DIP0040 Management Principles Assignment Brief

BSB07DIP0040 Management Principles Proof Reading Services

Project Criteria and Requirements

In this BSB07DIP0040 management principles assignment brief, you will be required to conduct a research project and produce a written report of approximately 1,500-2,200 words in length.You need to develop an operational plan and create a Gantt Chart plus budget for implementing the operational plan you are working on. You will need to assign resources (such as physical, human, etc.). You will also need to create a report that describes your organisation’s continuous improvement processes.

To fulfil the competency requirements for this project, you will need to demonstrate the ability to develop an operational plan with details of how it will be implemented and monitoredin your department. You must also demonstrate the ability to implement, monitor and adjust plans, processes and procedures to improve performance of your work team.

You can choose the organisation that you are currently working in. However if you are not working currently, you may select any organisation that you are familiar with or an organization you have researched on the internet as your workplace.

Your operational plan must be based on an operational objective for one department in the organization. You can choose to be the department head of any one of the major departments in the organization. For example. Production Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, etc.
Your Project must cover all the following issues:

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Provide an introduction covering what business you have chosen. Explain what your job is, what your organization does and what the operational objective is for your department. Note the objective must be smart.

Part A: Design and Develop an operational plan

You may assume the role of any departmental manager (such as administration, logistics, sales or production, etc.) Design an operational plan for your team. The following information should be included in your plan:

  • The key objective of your department.
  • Explain all resource requirements for your department to achieve the stated objective. (Note: Resources should include physical and human resource as well as services.)
  • List the relevant personnel and stakeholders (Internal and External) with whom you will need to consult in the operational planning process and describe the consultation process.
  • Provide a detailed budget for implementing the operational plan, broken down into budget details for each action.
  • What Key Performance Indicators will you use for monitoring the actual performance against the operational plan: Choose the three most appropriate performance standards (normally time, budget and quality) and explain for each:
    • How it will be measured and monitored (what system or tools)
    • When (or how often) it will measured
  • Using a Gantt chart, show all the actions and deadlines for the actions that are listed in the operational plan.
  • Develop a contingency plan for three contingencies and explain how they will be implemented. Use tabular format and include all details (i.e. problem, risk, solution, etc)
  • Explain who you would go to obtain the support for and approval of your proposed operational plan?

?In addition to answering the above questions youmust also present the summary of your operational plan in tabular format. Use the layout provided in class (I suggest use a landscape format).

Part B: Implement the operational plan

Upon developing and gaining approval to implement the operational plan, your next stage of managing the plan involves developing and implementing strategies to acquire the resources that are needed to perform the identified tasks. Outline how your strategies will be determined by the following factors:

  1. Organizational culture
  2. Organisation’s human resource management policies and practices (interviewing, job descriptions, skills matrix, etc)
  3. Standard operating practices

Part C: Review and Monitor the operational plan

During the course of implementing your operational plan, you will further need to monitor and review your team’s operational performance.

  • Describe the performance systems and processes that you will use to assess your team’s progress in achieving profit and productivity plans and targets? The performance system and processes should illustrate how you can assess your team’s progress in achieving the plan’s targets by including information such as:
    • Examples of data that you would collect to monitor performance, and the software you would use to monitor the plan against performance indicators
    • Financial and budgeting information
  • In reviewing your team’s performance using the performance system outlined above, describe two examples of deviations in standards which you will identify as areas of under performance by a team member. What solutions would you recommend and actions to be taken in order to improve performance?
  • Explain in detail the mentoring and coaching techniques you will use to provide support to individuals in your team so that they are able to use resources effectively, economically and safely.
  • Where variations to the operational plan are required, identify the designated persons or groups with which you will need to negotiate recommendations and gain approval prior to implementation.

Part D: Implement continuous improvement

As a manager, you have an important role in influencing the ongoing development of your organisation by implementing continuous improvement systems and processes. This task requires you to write a report for continuous improvement processes in your department. The report should contain the following information:

  • How would you encourage and support your team to participate in the decision making process?
  • During the continuous improvement process you will need to communicate with your team at regular intervals. Explain how you will communicate the following issues:
    • Obtaining feedback from your team on the process is working?
    • Recommendations for modified processes and plans to your team?
    • Inform team members of savings and productivity improvements in achieving the overall business plan?
  • Describe a monitoring system and technology that can be used to improve planning and operations.
  • List one area of customer service that can be improved through the continuous improvement techniques and processes identified earlier.
  • How will you incorporate benchmarking and best practice models into your system?
  • How will you record work performance to help you identify opportunities for further improvement?