BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy Proof Reading Services

BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy Assignment Help

BO1BSRE301 Business Strategy Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about the course of action that a company might use in order to face the competitions from its rivals in a particular industry. The analysis of external environment and organizations allows the engagement for the analysis of core and basic opportunities and competencies and help to determine various strategies at business level for satisfying needs and delivering value of the target market.


This assignment has 20% value

The length of this assignment is 500 words

This assessment task involves reviewing Five (out of seven) preselected journal articles. Students are required to write critical reviews for each of the 5 journal articles. The number of approaches for reviewing includes:

1. State your own position

2. State the author’s view

3. Draw a conclusion using other’s work

4. Point out the assumptions and agree with the other’s view

Business Strategy

Marking criteria

1.Discuss the key areas addressed in the journal article(10%)

2. Identifying the knowledge gap addressed in the journal article (30%)

3.Identifying the key findings of the journal article(30%)

4.Discuss the academic and managerial contributions made by the journal article(30%)


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