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BN209 Software Engineering Proofreading and Paper Editing Services

Assessment 2: Group Assignment

Students will find important information and guidelines regarding their Software Engineering Assignment.

This is a group assignment and has the weight of 25%. It contains 100 marks in total.

Purpose of this assessment

This assessment has following learning outcomes which enable them to show their achievements in them:

1. Define system necessities by requirements elicitation and workshops.
2. Apply use case, data and procedural modeling techniques to stipulate system requirements.
3. Describe and utilize different types of software tests.
4. Explain the procedure for and apply verification and validation of system requirements.
5. Compare different Software Engineering process models such as waterfall, spiral, evolutionary and prototype.
6. Explain system specifications containing technical, operational and economical possibility.
7. The purpose of this assessment is to make a consolidated version of Extended SRS Analysis and Design Document for your project.


Students to finalize SRS analysis and a design document that they started in Assignment 1 and present their final work on week 12 during the lab session.

Students need to complete:

Extended SRS Analysis and Design Document' which contains the following design elements (using UML notations):   

1. Assignment #1 Progression: SRS document updates according to the changes in your ongoing project (10 marks)
2. Recommended software engineering process model for your project, (waterfall/evolutionary/spiral/prototyping) and factors for selecting the process model (10 marks)
3. Identify all the factors use cases (5+5 marks)
4. Activity diagram (Any 2 scenarios) (5+5 marks)
5. Sequence diagram(s) (Any 2 scenarios) (5+5 marks)
6. Design Class diagram (Entire system)
7. Verify user requirements with stakeholder and report requirement verification process adopted for your project  (10 marks)
8. System Specification including technical, economic and operational feasibility (10 marks)
9. Software testing and acceptance criteria (10 marks)
10. Final copy of the “Project Activity Journal” that shows weekly progress of teamwork (10 marks)


Students should follow these instructions and we also provide Software Requirement Specification Sample.

1. Your report should contain the following structure:

a. Cover page with student detail
b. The font must be 11pt Calibri (Body) with suitable section headings.
c. References must be in IEEE style and cited in appropriate section

Problems students may face in completing this software engineering assignment

Making proper references
Lack of academic writing skills
Making various diagrams
Understanding the complex process of software engineering assignment

We provide help and necessary guidance to students and support them to understand the subject properly so that they can achieve better grades.