BK212 Marketing Research Editing and Proof Reading Services

BK212 Marketing Research Assignment Brief

BK212 Marketing Research Editing and Proof Reading Services

This BK212 marketing research assignment brief is a part of bachelor of business and it is a special supplementary assignment that has weightings 25%. We focus in this assignment about the research study of marketing and ethical standards of a company.

given below are a couple of variables taken from Karagiannidis (2008) research. You are required to answer this assignment’s questions from the given data below:


Has Alliance Mostly

Has Alliance Moderately

Has Alliance in Small Part

Alliance Not Yet

Alliance Partnership Success





Partnership Ethical Standards





Please note there were 63 respondents from the research study and marketingreserch of setisfication of consumer

Given are two simple variables of partial excel data taken from Karagiannidis (2008) for you to demonstrate your analysis of process and interpretation of data so as to market whether ethical standards are practiced in companies’ partnerships/alliances. Therefore answer the following questions as follows:

  • Define an independent variable and a dependent variable (2 Marks)
  • From the given data above, which is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable? (2 Marks)
  • Analyze the two given columns to demonstrate correlation between alliance partnership success and that of partnership’s ethical standards (5 Marks)
  • Calculate the correlation coefficient “r” and provide interpretation of result (4 Marks)
  • Demonstrate whether there is a relationship between the two variables (3 Marks)
  • Why is writing a research report is very important for market researchers (4 Marks)
  • Present your results analysis in a professional report form providing correct interpretation of your results in tabulated, graphs or chart forms (5 Marks)

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