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BCO6656 IT Project Management Assignment Help

BCO6656 IT Project Management Proof Reading and Editing Services

This assessment is all about the project management. The main purpose of this is to provide the overview of the proposed project to the client so that they can analyze and determine whether they wanted to process their project or not. This individual assessment task will be completed in 5 weeks.

Learning objectives

After the successful completion of this assignment, students can easily demonstrate their understanding and knowledge based on the development of documentation for the Project Management effectively. They can easily analyze, identify and report the project initial requirements. Also, students can easily communicate in written format by making use of professional business language.

Assessment 1

Case study:

You are working as a project manager in a consultancy firm for four years. Company has different range of employees already that includes administrative staff, programmers, consultants, technical support and many more that are specialized in system implementation and have a focus on professional development and user training. In a business, General Manager conducted an operational review which can also assess the operational weakness by deciding the potential technical solutions for their business improvement.

Review recommendations are helpful in deciding the replacement of existing HR, accounting and inventory management system that considers SAP S/4HANA for SAP Business All-in-One. Further recommendations have been made to have HR, Finance,, procurement and analytics modules which can be implemented as the part of the project.

Furthermore, the strengthening of service, sales and marketing activities enables the recommendations to have the core on premise SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for the purpose of implementation. The project mitigation enables the delivery of risks associated with SAP Implementation. It was also suggested to work on two different phases on this stage. The first phase includes the implementation of SAP S/4HANA for SAP Business All-in-One, as it is based on the success of the first implementation and the second phase need to be completed with SAP CRM system.


Carefully review the above mentioned case and ask your tutor, if you have any questions. You can also use the company’s charter template. You have to complete every section of the template by removing the prompts and replace them with your responses. You cannot used other notes or documents, as a reference you can use scenario documents.

Customer Relationship Management

Project Charter/ Template

Note – Prior to the submission, remove this note and all square brackets from the template.

Project name: [Insert project name here]

Projected start date: [Insert date here]

Projected end date: [Insert date here]

Project Manager: [Insert your name here]

Purpose of the project charter

[Four or more sentences are required to insert]

Project summary

[Four or more sentences can be inserted by describing the project in clear business English. You also have to describe different objectives of the project and provide a rationale for the project that is taking place.]

Project Requirements

[In an introduction, provide a two to three sentences that could explain the importance of High-Level Requirements in clear business English]

Major Deliverables/Milestones

[You have to provide a list of five important and core deliverables that are in clear business English. Or you have to insert a list of at least four project deliverables; better solutions could contain eight or more.]

Brief schedule

[You have to provide an introduction of two to three sentences that explains the schedule presented in Table 1 below in clear business English. Also, you have to insert a listing that must haveeight project tasks, three phases and three milestones in table format.

For this, you must ensure that the table is sorted and shows an appropriate sequence for the tasks, phases and milestones. Better solutions could contain15 or more tasks, five phases and five or more milestones.

Ensure to indicate whether each entry is a milestone, phase or task in a given table.

Project brief schedule

Entry Type






Key costs

[You have to insert minimum costs of four important projects that are known at the time of writing in the format of table. Better solutions will list 8 or more costs. Now, you have to introduce the list that has few sentences and provide the reader with important and relevant information that is required to increase the understanding of the costs presented. It is important to highlight the key costs that should be noted by the readers]

Associated Quality Attributes

[You have to insert a list of at least four key project quality management issues]


[You have to insert a short timetable in your table. It can be based on your own tentative estimates.]

Authorization to proceed

Business Sponsor [insert sponsor name]

Task 1

As the new Project Manager, your main job is to:

1. Develop a project charter

2. Develop a comprehensive Project Plan that should meet the training and implementation system requirements.

3. Both the project plan and Charter need to be ratified (signed) by the Business Sponsor. Please note,without any formal ratification, no work could be commenced based on the project plan documents and charter.

Challenge may face by students

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