BCO6656 IT Project Management Assignment

BCO6656 IT Project Management Assignment

BCO6656 IT Project Management Assignment

Assessment 2: Project Plan

Students will find important information and guidance regarding their IT Project Management


This is an individual assessment task.

This assessment contains 35% of the total mark for the unit. Students are required to take on the role of an IT Project Manager to make a Project Plan for your employer. It is being developed to provide the client with a detailed insight into how the project will be managed so they can determine if they will approve the project as explained in the plan.

To complete this assessment, you will be provided a case scenario in which you are assumed to work as a project manager for an IT consulting firm. You need to implement of SAP Business One.

We provide this case study for reference purpose only. Students will find an actual case study in their assignments.


Review the given scenario before start your plan. Review the VUIS Consulting Project Plan Template.docx file provided. Complete every section of the template removing all prompts and replacing them with your responses to the scenario. You must make a schedule for the project including minimum 50 tasks by using Microsoft Project 2010.

Students should follow this format to complete this assessment task:

Project scope
Business case
Project Schedule and Approach (Rollout strategy)

Challenges for students to complete this assessment task:

Students may face different challenges in completing this assessment such as appropriate references, making a schedule for the project, implementation of SAP etc. Get help from our IT professionals who will provide necessary guidance which helps you to achieve best grades.