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BAP62 Issues in Financial Accounting Assignment Help

BAP62 Issues in Financial Accounting Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about overview for research within financial accounting and considering theoretical foundations and basics of financial accounting and study different kinds of research methods for investigating financial accounting topics.

Assessment 1

Task 1

The length of this assignment is 2000-2500 words


a.You have to write names and numbers at the top of page

b. You have to choose between presentation, essay or any other creative option

c. You have to perform 2 page analysis in this assignment

d. For your presentation, you have to highlight your findings and for your creativity, you have to highlight the key findings from your research and review.

1. Group presentation

An essay, creative writing and group presentation consist of 20% of total assessments in this subject based on the subject description. Without any permission, students do not have an automatic entitlement in order to adopt some arrangements. The group have to submit the self-assignment with peer evaluation.

Group presentation2. Objective– This assignment covers a range of significant practices and theories based on the issues in financial reporting. This assignment aims to provide the opportunity to combine and extend their understanding in connection with the important issues faced by the students in Australia related to financial reporting.

3. Assessment criteria– In order to assess the creative presentation and analysis, consideration will be given to the completeness, neatness and the quality of presentation, demonstrated application and timeliness of submission based on different issues of financial reporting. The presentations must be clear, concise and understandable. You must use sliders in your presentation which should not exceed 10 minutes. The assessment of creativity requires efforts in research, message effectiveness, originality and critical reflection.

4. Group presentation topic –You can select any topic of your interest like earnings manipulation, disclosures and sustainability, accounting for leases, etc.. You have to present each aspect of measurement, recognition and disclosure. The demonstration of recognition application can be used for recent financial statements.

5. Plagiarism –You should use your own ideas, words, inventions and presentations in your assignment.

Plagiarism6. Referencing –Correct referencing must be used so that the readers can access the source material and ensure the contribution of the work of others to your assignment.

7. Essay requirements and layout –The power point presentation should be in a following format:

a. Introduction:It must include the purpose of the report, accounting theme, company being reviewed and standards to be applied.

b. Literature Review –It must include the summary of the literature in order to develop the understanding and formulation of the recommendations.

c. Accounting criteria applications for important selected theme

d. Analysis –It must include your research findings

e. Summary of findings –It must include the key findings from your analysis.

f. Recommendations –It includes the summary of your important recommendations and laid emphasis on the judgement.

g. Conclusion –It shows the reflection of your introduction and research.

h. Appendices –It includes additional findings and important materials

i. References –You must use Harvard reference style

8. Essay/analysis criteria –Knowledge (25%), Judgement (15%), analysis (30%), terminology (5%), response (15%), references with citations (5%) and references without citations (5%)

9. Presentation assessment criteria –The presentation carries 20 marks in total with some skill requirements like:

a. Appropriate use of visual aids

b. Ability to answer questions convincingly

c. Clear communication and audience engagement

Note – Marks will be deducted if you will exceed the time limit

S. No.

Marking criteria



Understanding of the material - Sophisticated / Comprehensive / Competent / Limited / Nil



Ability to offer critical reflection - Sophisticated / Comprehensive / Competent / Limited / Nil



Informed by research - Sophisticated / Comprehensive / Competent / Limited / Nil



Effective communication skills (articulate, logical, confident / Competent & Sustained / limited preparation or confidence / No preparation or confidence)



Effective use of visual aids (Excellent / Appropriate / Limited)



Effective organisation and time management



Summary of Matter (2 page document) – Sophisticated / Comprehensive / Clearly / Limited / Not included)



Attention to group cohesiveness:

1. Introduction of group members and respective talking points

2. Fluency of presentation (verbal and visual)

3. Evidence of shared responsibilities

4. Evidence of a united effort 



Reference - >15 / 10-15 / < 10 using Harvard Anglia.





11. Creative option

You are required to choose creative option to provide an analysis in the following format:

1. Research effort (7 Marks)

2. Understanding and critical reflection (10 Marks)

3. Original creativity (10 Marks)

4.Effectiveness of message(5 Marks)

5.Summary undertaken(5 Marks)

6.Individual contribution(5 Marks)

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