BAC304 Advanced Accounting Theory Proof Reading Services

BAC304 Advanced Accounting Theory Assignment

BAC304 Advanced Accounting Theory Proof Reading Services

This BAC304 advanced accounting theory assignment is a part of Bachelor of Business Course. In this assignment fair value accounting and GFC causes required to describe.


Since moving to IFRS a decade ago, members of the IASB have been public in their support of fair value accounting as an appropriate way of addressing problematic valuations. There have been discussions that some members of IASB would like to completely abandon historical costs and move to a ‘pure’ fair valuation system such as those suggested by Chambers, Bell and Edwards.

The proposal is quite radical, but it would eliminate problems associated with mixed measurement. While this is unlikely to gain sufficient support, there has already been loud criticism that fair value accounting may have been a significant cause of the global financial crisis of 2008-9. CPA Australia as yet has no policy position on the issue and is seeking further debate.


You work at CPA Australia as a Senior Business Analyst. You have been asked to submit a paper for the Australian Accounting Review discussing the topic “To what extent did fair value accounting cause or contribute to the global financial crisis?” Your analysis should make it clear if you favour any move to a ‘pure’ fair valuation system.

Reference list and appendices

An appended reference list (bibliography) is mandatory. While there is no minimum or maximum number of references, a paper that cites less than 7 references would usually be considered to be under researched.

Any appended material may add weight to your argument, but will not be directly graded. The use of appendices is not mandatory.Students MUST use the referencing style as set out by the Learning Commons.  There is no choice of systems available. More information can be found at ing/referencing

End Note is HIGHLY recommended.


The quality of citations and reference works will impact upon your final grade. A research session will be held in tutorial time.  Students are encouraged to use Google Scholar <> to research their assignment help.


There are marks awarded for presentation. Please see the grading rubric for further information and exact break down.