AURAF006 Conduct Research and Present Technical Reports

AURAF006 Conduct Research and Present Technical Reports

AURAF006 Conduct Research and Present Technical Reports

This assignment describes about the performance outcomes needed in the technical subject matter for preparing and presenting a technical report of findings. It mainly involves the identification and analysis of research requirements by planning and conducting the research, evaluating findings and developing and presenting the technical report.

Assessment 1

The students are required to have adequate practice prior to undertaking this assessment.

There are 3 assessments for this unit:

Assessment task 1 is written questions and answers –It will test your knowledge. As you learn, practice and review skills and knowledge, you have to answer the questions as the information becomes clear to you. You have to familiarize with the questions mentioned in the Task 1.

Assessment task 2 is Report

Assessment task 3 is a Project

Task 2


In this task, students are required to conduct a research and present technical reports according to the context given in the task.


Students must make adequate preparations for the task including,

1. Follow instructions to ensure exact requirements that are clearly understood. Instructions will include written and verbal instructions, as well as fault reporting and any site-specific instructions

2. Students should consult relevant research methodology to draft the report

3. Students must follow all procedural requirements when preparing the report

4. Student should have knowledge about working of the different systems of light vehicle system before working on the report and should source adequate technical information for the automotive system chosen

5. Students can participate as a group activity to conduct research and analyze it. However, the student should present their individual technical reports.

Conduct Research Q1.Conduct research and present technical report on any modern safety system incorporated in a light vehicle covering all the aspects of the details given above.

The student must present the report fulfilling the following requirements:

1. Accessing and interpreting relevant automotive technical information

2. Developing a research outline

3. Undertaking detailed research of the subject area

4. Analyzing data

5. Developing conclusions, findings and recommendations

6. Presenting reports to intended target audience

7. Appropriate referencing and use of any style guide of their choosing.


Following resources should be made available to the students:

a. Hypothetical situations and examples of research

b. Range of reference materials relevant to technical research activities.

Task 3


Under this project, students have to research on different intervals of service for two vehicle of your choice and present a full technical comparison report. The technical report prepared should consist of at-least two different aspects of problems that would arise with the lack of service within the service interval.

The following components need to be considered:

1. Description of the recommended service intervals according to the manufacturer

2. Different service components involved within a particular service interval

3. Research on service trends of the chosen vehicle

4. Comparison of the requirement for the two vehicles

5. Analysis of the problems that may or will occur due to not following of the manufacturer’s service recommendation

6. Provide conclusion from the research and analysis


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