Editing and Paper Editing Services History of world architecture

Assignment on History of world architecture

Editing and Paper Editing Services History of world architecture

Course Description

This course introduces the student to further explore architectural education. Particular attention will be given to architecture education and different case and research regarding architecture education or architecture schools educational process for students.


Students will watch a 25-minute documentary entitled Archie culture about architectural education and answer questions about the documentary on a worksheet.  Some of the questions will require students to do independent internet research and get writing help

  1. What School of Architecture is featured in this documentary?Where is it located?(.50 point)
  2. According to one student, how do incoming students first think about architecture?How do their views change once they enter architecture school? (.50 point)
  3. What is distinctive about the educational process in architecture school? (.50 point)
  4. According to Shiguru Ban and others, what are the benefits of studio culture? (.50 point)
  5. What is Kenneth Frampton’s critique of the jury process?What does he recommend instead?What is your opinion of the jury process? (.50 point)
  6. According to Maurice Cox, what is distinctive about the discipline of architecture? (.50 point)
  7. What is Mary Wood’s critique of the educational process in schools of architecture? (.50 point)
  8. What contemporary architect designed the inserted addition to the architecture school featured in this documentary?

Referencing and Writing

Students are to show evidence of research into the topic; reading beyond the required textbook for this course.

References used must be relevant to the topic, and whenever possible be contemporary (within last 10 years). The types of references used can include textbooks, journal articles, professional organisations, and government policies. Students should research the topic through the online databases and e-journals. Students are discouraged from using any internet information that is from an unauthorised or non-professional organisation or written for the general public rather than health care professionals (such as personal Web logs, Wikipedia).


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