ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems Editing Services

ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems Assignment Help

ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems Editing Services

This assignment explains about the ability of students to solve different business problems by using database design software and tool. It allows students to think about the impact of using Information technology in business and communicate important issues through a written report. Most of the companies depend on the recording, updating and tracking of data. Employees use databases to access data. An understanding of this technology allows professionals in business to perform work effectively.

Assessment 2

This assignment has 25% value

The length of the assignment is 2000 words

Task 1

Learning outcomes

1. This assignment helps to analyze and persuade business processes and helps in recognizing the role of accounting information systems by increasing the process design of the business.

2. You can communicate with different IT professionals, stakeholders and user groups of information systems.

Accounting Information Objective

This assessment aims to develop the understanding of students in business processes, analyze the existing processes of business and suggest ways to improve the organization’s current business process inefficiencies by making use of Information technology.

Note - You will be given case study/scenario as a reference to complete this assessment

Case study

An international company known as GAAM manufactures building systems, hydraulic systems and metal products. The company mainly focuses on producing hydraulic that are used in heavy-duty vehicles and sold to domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers. The company planned to conduct a re-engineered project process that helps in improving global competitive position. A thorough investigation has been done in different departments of the company. You have to suggest recommendations for improvement in re-engineering business process.

Overview of the major departments that need changes (Purchasing department particularly)

The purchasing department of GAAM manufacturers is highly accountable for the acquisition of hydraulic pump inventory. You can avail the services like repairing, maintenance and operating supplies. It includes equipment like tooling and supplemental materials like ingredients used for pouring castings, foundry sand, and other non-production products/services. The department encompasses purchasing manager, one secretary/clerk and two buyers. For inventory, they made purchases of around 15 million Australian Dollar and 3000 parts each year approximately.



Make a group of 2-3 people and analyze the situation properly.

Q1. Identify participants, inputs and outputs.

Q2. Develop the current business process model.

Q3. Identify and describe current strengths and inefficiencies that are present in the current system.

Q4. Suggest ways that the business process inefficiencies could be corrected through business process re-engineering and the use of IT.

Q5. Identify technologies that can help improve the business process.

Q6. Show the proposed business process model and explain how the newly re-engineered system would operate.

 Information Systems Instructions

1. IntroductionConsider the background of the case study

2. Purpose– Mention clear answers that will guide your analysis based on why we work through this process

3. Mention participants, Inputs and Outputs to the current system

4. Activity descriptions or process flow– You have to complete a list of the steps for the people containing certain roles. Through the business process, this is the most common and fundamental path.

5. Exceptions– Additionally, you can include variations in the primary path. You have to analyze the situation if the information on a form is illegible, a required piece of information is not provided, or a special condition is met?

6. Business Process Model–There are visual models that exhibit important activity steps and exceptions. A swim-lane diagram can be a great choice, if multiple roles are involved.

7. Process strengths– What were the strengths of the current business process

8. Process inefficiencies– What were the problems with the current processes

9. Use of Information Technology- proposed IT solutions

10. Business Process Re-engineering– How process can be improved through process re-engineering and through the use of IT. Discuss suggested technologies and how it can be used.

11. Proposed Workflow Diagram- Visual model of the new proposed business process

12. References


Assessment criteria

1.Understanding of the business processes in the organization

2. Problem analysis

3. Process improvement and use of IT

4. Team Work skills


Assessment attributes

1. Understanding of the business processes in the organization (30%)

2. Problem Analysis (30%)

3. Proposed Process Improvement and use of IT (30%)

4. Team work (10%)


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