ACCT 20051/20077 Practical and Written Editing Services

ACCT 20051/20077 Practical Written Assessment Questions

ACCT 20051/20077 Practical and Written Editing Services

Academic Learning Centre (ALC)

It is highly recommended to seek help and guidance from the ALC as early as possible, especially if English is not your first language. The ALC can help you with the written communication by checking your assignment for grammatical correctness and that your arguments are logical. They will also help you to ensure that you understand the questions and answer them by applying theoretical knowledge in answering the questions. You will not receive any marks if you make generic, theoretical, vague and stray claims and statements without applying them to the particular situation.

Allocation of marks

Please use the marking criteria sheet as a guideline for how marks will be allocated. You will note that marks are allocated for referencing as it is expected that you do research in this assignment. If you choose to support your answer with using the work of others, please ensure that you use the correct referencing style (Harvard referencing style) as stated in the Course Profile.


Please keep in mind that marking is done in soft copy, hence allocating marks for the formatting. To obtain these marks, ensure you comply with the following:

  • Font: Time New Roman, 12 point, 1.5 line spacing
  • Document submitted onto Moodle must be in Word format, allowing the marker to use track-changes to provide comments and indicate where you received marks. Please do not submit a pdf document or copy from another source such as for example include screen shots of calculations done in excel. The track-changes function cannot be used to do the marking in these and hence only information created in Word will be marked.
  • Page: portrait orientation
  • Footer: Your full name and student ID, page number and number of pages (i.e. Pat Bird s0123456, page 1 of 3)
  • Marking criteria sheet is completed and attached as the first page of the assignment.

Please note: 2 marks are allocated for complying with formatting and submission requirements.


Work submitted by a student that is the work of another person with no referencing or acknowledgment is considered to be plagiarism. If plagiarism is suspected, your assignment and results will be withheld and a Plagiarism Incident Report (PIR) lodged. You will then receive notification from the University with details of the necessary course of action.

Submission requirements

You must upload your assignment Word document electronically through the secure upload facility in the Moodle system. Please do not email your assignment to your lecturer or the Course Coordinator. Please ensure you add your student name and your student ID in the marking criteria sheet and ensure that it is the FIRST page of your assignment. Word limit is 1500 words. Also ensure you include your student ID and name in the file name when you save the document, and ensure that you include the appropriate .doc or .docx at the end. For example, save your file name as: Pat Bird s0123456.docx