ACC706 Accounting Issues and Theory Paper Editing Services

ACC706 Accounting Issues and Theory Assignment Help

ACC706 Accounting Issues and Theory Paper Editing Services

There are useful information and knowledge for the students who are studying ACC706 Accounting issues and theory.

Theories of accounting are used to give shape the organization’s financial statements means it increases the usefulness and importance of the financial information provided in the accounts.

This subject has three assessment types that are:

In this assessment you will have to write a report that has the weight of 20%, a Group assignment with individual component, this has 30% weighting in which group report has 10% and presentation report has 20% and Final exam that has the 50% weight.

 Students must obtain a minimum of 50% of the total subject marks or better on this subject.

This assignment has three sections:


This course has two associated HE awards that are master of accounting and master of professional accounting. It is a postgraduate level course. This course duration is 1 trimester.

This course has two perquisites that are ACC701 financial accounting and ACC700 principal of accounting.

Section – 2 (academic details)

Overview of the subject - This subject involves deep knowledge of the wide conceptual part of accountants and analysis of the role of corporations in society.

Learning outcomes – after completing this subject you will able to appraise financial accounting facts and standards, several theoretical and philosophical methods to accounting, consolidate and knowledge of the components of financial statements through current accounting issue and assess the impact of an environmental and social factor in accounting.

Current issues in accounting - students would face problems in current issues of accounting like Banks and credit losses, insurance, Non – GAAP financial reporting and auditor disclosure rules. The students can take the help of online assignment service providers.

Financial report analysis -  It is the process of analyzing the financial statement, in which you learn cash flow statement, income statement and balance sheet and makes a proper financial statement.

Accounting Principles and conventions -Students will learn accounting principles and conventions like dual aspect concept, money measurement concept, convention of consistency, accrual concept etc.

Subject content and structure – this subject structure including specific topics covered in lectures and tutorials. The topic is covered in each week's lecture:

Current issues in accounting and the abstract framework.
The role of accounting theories in standard setting
Ethics and standard setting
International accounting standards
Depth approaches in accounting
Earning management and fair value
Financial reporting and Capital markets

Section – 3 (assessment details)

There are 3 assessments in this section:             

Assessment 1

Value: 20%

Objective: This assessment is aimed to reinforce the subject content and increase student’s skills and knowledge about the subject content to business situations.

Topic: This assignment covers the in-depth practical and theoretical accounting task applications concepts based on the topic of the subject.

Task details: students are needed to prepare a comprehensive report should include data extracted from the general purpose.

Assessment 2

Task details: Group task – groups are to identify and analyze models and current theories in accounting. Group presentation - Groups presentation should be a critical analysis covering the main theory of the course. This will improve the presentation overall.

Assessment 3

Value: 50%

Objective: The objective of the final examination is to test your knowledge and understanding of subject ideas and ability to apply these concepts.

Topic: The examination may cover any part of the entire subject.

Task details: it contains all short and long answers in a series where students will apply subject module and theory to given identifying issues and situations.

Students must be remembering that all sources used in assessment must be appropriately referenced. Plagiarism is a very serious academic issue. So students should avoid plagiarism in their assignments.