ACC6040 Integrated Accounting Projects Proof Reading Services

ACC6040 Integrated Accounting Projects Assignment Help

ACC6040 Integrated Accounting Projects Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about exploring the nature of gap through a series of projects designed for the examination and modelling of relationships and accounting variables which further helps in establishing the link between research, theory and practice. With this, you can get the potential for solving and examining real business problems within the organizations in order to highlight the existing gaps between research practice and theory.

Assignment 2

This assignment has length of 5000 words


This assignment aims to complete the research proposal of accountancy. It will help you in the assistance by identifying various opportunities in research. Students can look into the current and unresolved issue in this assignment in relation with accounting research and helps them to identify the same with the help of already completed literature review. You can also develop a proposal for researching and exploring the issue.

Elements to cover in a Research Proposal

1. Cover page –Identify the topic, institution or degree

2. Table of contents -Lists sections of the proposal and page references

3. Abstract– It should be clear, concise and self-contained with 250 words.

4. Introduction –It includes the background to the study, significance of study and motivation, purpose and objective of study and research questions/problems.

 Accounting Projects5. Review of the literature –Under this, the research designs, hypothesis and other related aspects need to be justified.

6. Theoretical framework –Identify hypotheses that indicates variables impacting on inter-relationships and research questions.

7. Materials and methodsIt describes research approach and the method of collecting data with procedures, data analysis and ethics declaration.

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8. Limitations– Understand your weakness in research and try ways to resolve them.

9. Appendices– It may include draft data collection, time line and draft budget.

Challenges students might face

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