ACC6025 Accounting Theory, Research and Practice Editing Services

ACC6025 Accounting Theory, Research and Practice Assignment Help

ACC6025 Accounting Theory, Research and Practice Editing Services

Assessment 2

The assignment explains about the linkage between accounting research, theory and practice. It analyzes and evaluates contemporary issues and current accounting practice from the perspectives of the theory underpinning it, as well as environmental factors, including cultural factors, that have shaped practice.


This assignment aims at connecting the understanding of research and accounting theory to accounting practice, as it is completely based on research report.


Learning outcomes

An individual can achieve the following learning outcomes by completing this assignment, like:

1. Discuss the conceptual framework/accounting theory that consider current accounting practice by stating the method of accounting regulation and political, economic, technological and social factors that creates the impact on accounting practice.

2. Demonstrate effective communication among the participants.

3. Guide the ability to work in teams

4. Analyze contemporary issues in accounting along with evaluating different and alternative solutions to the problem simply by applying practical and theoretical accounting knowledge.

5. Important and critical research and analytical skills

Effective communicationTask 1

This assignment has 30% value

The length of the assignment should be 2000 words minimum (excluding abstract, references, reflection and appendix)



Research item



Research the topic

a. Use internet to identify important websites, academic and accounting professional journals, business journals or newspapers articles and accounting textbooks


Identify the accounting issues

a. Nature of the issues

b. Scope and significance

c. Timeline for the development of this accounting issue


Link to accounting

a. Provide a situation for your issue

b. Link to current research and accounting theory

c. Identify the importance of issues in accounting


Review and conclusion

a. Provide development evaluation of your accounting issue

b. Provide summary of your research



a. Key learning outcomes

b. Skills acquired from completing this assignment


Marking guidelines

1.Topic research– 20 Marks

2. Identify accounting issues– 25 Marks

3. Link to accounting– 25 Marks

4. Review and conclusion– 20 Marks

5. Reflection– 20 Marks

6. Structure, development of themes, spelling and grammar, referencing – 10 Marks

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