7159AFE Principles of Business and Corporations Law

7159AFE Principles of Business and Corporations Law

7159AFE Principles of Business and Corporations Law

This unit examines the foundation of the Austrian legal system, contract law as the basis of commercial dealing containing negligence.

This subject is aimed to provide you with the knowledge of the ethical framework and legal environment in which companies function in Australia and all over the world.

This is a problem-solving assignment. You will need to complete an authentic assessment task based on a real-world problem which gives student’s understanding of the law, application of the law, identification of legal issues and conclusion.

Weight:the value of this assessment is 30% of overall.

World Length:2,000 words maximum.

Students need to answer the hypothetical questions and must be written in the context of issues, law, application, and conclusion.

To complete this task you will be provided a real-life problem of George Shannon who entered into an agreement with ‘All Day Music’ business which provides on-demand music service.

Based on the given situation, advice George on the following matters:

1. Is there a valid contract between George and Peaches Pty Ltd?
2. Is George able to reconnect to the website without paying the $2,000 or any fee?
3. Can George seek compensation for the ongoing subscription payments of $200 and the loss of revenue totaling $40,000 resulting from the suspension of his membership?
4. Is there an action that George can take regarding the false testimonials on the facebook page of All Day Music?

Note:consider both AustralianConsumer Law and Contract Law provisions in your answers.

Problems students may face in completing this assessment

Students may face various problems while attempting this assessment such as insufficient time, lack of academic writing skills etc. for such students we provide the best help and academic guidance to help them to excel their career and live stress-free lives.