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Group assignment

The aim of this assignment is to give hand on experience to 7111AFE students on financial analysis using real-life data.  It provides students the opportunity to show through their ability to apply their accounting knowledge and analytical skills to a real-world setting.

The value of this assignment is 10% of total assessment.


1. Students are needed to work in groups. Each group must have at least of 4 and a maximum of 5 students.

2. Students organize themselves into 4 or 5 groups and make sure that contact details of each member have been exchanged.

3. Each group will be needed to prepare only one report and the team leader must submit on behalf of the group

Assignment structure

Using the 2014 and 2015 annual report of Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd and Myer Holding Ltd, address both Part A and B. all issues related to the financial figures.

Note:  we mention the name of these companies for reference purpose only. You will find actual company name in your assignments.

Part A

Motivation (5 marks)

Is it appropriate to compare between Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd and Myer Holdings Ltd? Why or why not? To what extent are these two entities similar or different in terms of their structure and line of business? You may use additional resources for answering this part. If you use additional resources, they must be referenced (Harvard) in your report

Part B

Analyse Report (45 marks)

Assuming you are a financial adviser and a client has approached you seeking your advice whether the client should invest in Harvey Norman (ASX code: HVN) or Myer (ASX code: MYR) by conducting a financial statement analysis of both entities. You should evaluate the entities in terms of “2.1 Liquidity, 2.2 Efficiency and Profitability, 2.3 Stability and 2.4 Investment”. Appropriate ratios (please round them to four decimal places) should be calculated to enable a complete assessment of the companies. The report should contain a discussion and analysis of the ratios calculated. The workings and calculations for all the ratios must be included in the report and should be presented in an appendix

Marking criteria

1. Part A: 5 marks

a. Your answer will be assessed for logic, arguments, and evidence

b. Marks will be awarded anywhere from zero to 5.

2. Part B: 45 marks(28 marks for ratios and 17 marks for the body of the report)

a. Marks will be deducted for incorrect ratios.

b. For the body of the report, your work will be assessed for correct interpretation of the ratios, logic and analysis, insight and correct recommendation.

Challenges may face by students

Students may face several challenges while completing this assessment such as problems of making references, lack of writing skills, making report etc. Students can take help and guidance from our technical experts and get better grades in their assessments.