48033 Internet of Things Technology and Analytics Editing Services

48033 Internet of Things Technology and Analytics Assignment

48033 Internet of Things Technology and Analytics Editing Services

Assignment task 1

IOT Main Project

The value of this assessment is 40%. The total length of the report is no more than 10000 words. You should include a title page, report and all references. All information sources must be suitably acknowledged and a full bibliography is needed.

To achieve the aim, the following initial requirements are needed:

1. The system shall provide an upgraded weather change prediction and associated warning dissemination systems through the applications of state of the art IOT technology and analytics.

2. The system shall predict their occurrence

3. The IOT should give the basic weather pattern change models, representation and visualization to demonstrate key weather change indicators, the intensity, and severity of change etc.

4. The system should explore expansions into the social facets of effective warning message friendly reminders about taking a wearing, sunglasses etc.

5. The system shall use both actuation technology and life feed to detect monitor and generate alerts to nominated groups.

6. The system should explore the application of many ways of disseminating and mapping events, the use of predictive analytics and statics.

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Main project

The task includes group work and objective the main project development package that contains a set of a light version of needs and design documentation and scripts which includes the followings.

1. The architecture model and the system design.

2. Test integration plans and any documentation related to implementation for the allocated project and a group presentation which contains a discussion on the deliverable plus its conformance to the major functional components identified.

The assignment should be completed by the cooperating small teams (of approximately 4 students) and integrated by the Group as a seamless Group deliverable. Project groups should provide IoT Architecture/Design and possibly a mock-up for UI. Consideration should be given to using of Open Source hardware/software (Node-Red/JS) and COTS components (hardware toolkits, IDEs, frameworks, DBMS, libraries, and middleware, test tools, etc.). Students should comment on design constraints and possible limitations of the technology.

Marking criteria

1. Quality and usability of the overall report. Structure, logic, and content – 25% weight

2.Viability & feasibility of plans, requirements, architecture, design & implementation - 25% weight

3. Quality and usability of the implementation -  25% weight

4. Quality of presentation, the team commitment & collaboration – 25% weight

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