206LEG Civil Litigation Proof Reading Services

206LEG Civil Litigation Assignment Brief

206LEG Civil Litigation Proof Reading Services

This 206LEG civil litigation assignment brief in which we discuss civil law, commercial law, contractual and personal disputes, contract law, civil litigation module and court procedure.

Module Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the context of civil litigation within the English and Welsh Legal System.

2. Analyse the funding options available to bring a civil action and the rules governing both state and private funding

3. Identify and apply the law on commencing and defending actions in civil proceedings

Required Task

You are required to complete the following in order to fulfil the requirements for the Civil Litigation module. This task incorporates writing a short essay, no more than 1,800 words, on the civil litigation system and funding of actions.

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“The reforms in the civil litigation system have opened up access to justice to a much wider number of potential litigants”.

Criteria for Assessment

  • Depth of Knowledge
    • How well do you show that you know the subject and in what depth and detail
  • Application of Theory
    • How well you can apply the content you have learnt during the course to the brief given
  • Critical Analysis
    • How well you show you have weighed up options, why you have chosen what you’ve chosen and how well you explain your reasoning
  • Academic Rigour
    • Your grammar, spelling, punctuation, referencing and following of academic writing criteria at undergraduate level

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