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MGT202 Organizational Behavior Assignment

  • Price : $120

Assignment 1 You need to write an essay that analyzes a case study of any organization. You are expected to incorporate the topics are personality, attitude, emotions, and motivations. Value - The value of this assessment is 20% Word limi...

INF80028 Business Process Management Modelling Assignment

  • Price : $150

This unit discusses the key concepts of business process management and modeling that is very important for an organization and how these support business activities. Assignment 2 Part 2 (Analyzing and Designing To-Be Business Process for e...

BUACC5936 Financial Management Assignment

  • Price : $180.00 $150

Students to recognize, and analyze the financial decisions made by financial managers; gain an knowledge or understanding of the theory of finance and the theoretical models used in finance; and, develop knowledge and skill in using techniques whi...

BUACC5935 Auditing and Assurance Service Assignment

  • Price : $110

Assignment Shows how knowledge and understanding of the auditor’s responsibility connected to fraud, probing for details, maintaining a clear perspective and understanding the big picture are essential to effective auditing You need to...

MGT703 Knowledge Management Assignment

  • Price : $120

Here, students will find important instructions and guidelines regarding their knowledge management assignment. Assignment 2 (Case Study Assignment and Presentation) In this assignment, you’re required to select an organization that su...

COAC216 Cost Accounting Assignment

  • Price : $130

Assessment 3 (Group report) In this assessment, you are required to make a group of 2-3 students. The word limit for this assessment is 2000 words. The value of this assessment is 20% and total marks are 40. Learning Outcomes a. you have ...

CIS8009 Management of Business Telecommunications

  • Price : $180

This course covers key issues of networks and management in the field of data communication and telecommunications under these 3 headings: Using data communications and telecommunications for competitive advantageous, enterprise digital infrast...

CSC8512 Advanced Information Technology System

  • Price : $210

Assignment 1 This assignment consists of 4 questions each of equal value. When answering these questions you will have to run commands under Linux—whenever a command is run you will need to: Q.1. A research group at your institution...

CIS5308 Management of Information Technology Services

  • Price : $200.00 $190

Here, students will find important information and guidelines regarding their IT Service Management Assignment. Report 2 Specification The word limit for this assessment task is 3,250 to 3,750. Value: Total value of this assessment is...

CIS53008 Management of Information Technology Services

  • Price : $280

Report 1 specifications The word limit for this assessment task is 1300 to 1700 words. The total value of this assessment is 10% and 100 marks are assigned. Reference is needed and the Harvard AGPS style must be used Learning objectives ...