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ICT703 Network Technology and Management Assignments

  • Price : $100

Introduction of the subject:- This course will provide you the knowledge needed to understand the protocols and standards used by you in networking and in which way we continuity of service management will be ensured. Value of this course is...

ICT 521 IT Professional Practice Oz Assignments

  • Price : $100

Introduction To Assignment This will be a group activity. You have to instruct your group membership by email to the lecturer. Background The Email from the CEO have been received by you of your company (Henry Pascal). The company is kno...

MAN6905 Databases And Business Intelligence Oz Assignments

  • Price : $100

Introduction to the subject This unit will explain you how to use the relational database and business intelligence in an organization. It will teach you designing practically and how to network implement the database which will support objecti...

ICT701 Relational Database System Assignments Help

  • Price : $120

Task 2 Value of this course is 40% of the total assignment. Background TDP tech training is the new training organization which is opening soon and they want you help to network design their new database. Their premise has just been reno...

ICT546 Local Area Network Design and Implementation

  • Price : $120

Introduction of the subject Under this unit, students will be studying the building of TCP/IP and OSI models and students will be completing the unit should be familiar with the devices, language and the information technology of data communica...

ICT320 Database Programming Oz Assignment Help

  • Price : $100

Introduction of the subject In this course you will learn the advanced database concepts covering SQL and industrial database application domains. Value of this course is 30% of the total assignment Background Australia Wildlife Hospi...

ICT285 Database Management Oz Assignments Help

  • Price : $100

Introduction of subject The value is 20% of your final grade Marks distribution: Part 1: Revised ERD and schema 10 Part 2: Data dictionary 20 Part 3:...

MAN5401 Managing Project Scope and Stakeholders Assignments

  • Price : $100

Introduction to the subject:- Project scope and management is defined as the methods needed to make sure that project should cover all the work demanded. You have to fulfill all the economic demands of the stakeholders successfully complet...

ICT211 Database Design System Oz Assignment Help

  • Price : $150

Introduction to subject Major concepts, methodologies, tools and techniques that are needed to analyze, design and develop well framed database for the modern organizations will be introduced you in this course. You will be studying data modeli...

ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design Oz Assignments

  • Price : $70

Introduction to subject A student is introduced to a range of concepts used by this course which helps in analysis and design of information system. Practical skills will be gained by the student in modelling system from the process and object ...